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174. Top Tips Tuesday - Us Hardy Folk

70121bfc-e91d-4321-ba58-121e16a11061Us Geordie sailors in the North East like to quaff our Gin neat, rub Jack Daniels on our bald heads in a vain attempt to get our follicles to spring to life, use Balkan 176 vodka as our aftershave, remove Newcastle Brown ale bottle caps with our teeth and go trotting from hostelry to hostelry through the Bigg Market Newcastle upon Tyne in the middle of winter, wearing thin t-shirts or in the case of Geordie ladies the skimpiest of dresses (in Andy’s case a pink fairy dress on his rare nights out).  What we do like, apart from our nights out, is to cruise on the opposite side of the North Sea however by late August we toughies are usually back across the pond. So whilst its welcome news its come a bit late for us hardy folk to be told that the newly published 4th edition of the Baltic Sea and Approachesis available. Having said all that if you are already planning your 2018 summer cruise and the Baltic is your destination this pilot book is a must. The nine countries bordering the Baltic Sea offer an immense variety of cruising grounds, people and cultures. There are thousands of harbours and innumerable anchorages, and it would take an entire bookshelf, to cover them all in detail. The information contained in this book is therefore selective. It has been chosen for its value both at the planning stages - preparing the yacht, choosing the most suitable route, timing and communications etc - and again on arrival, when a general overview of each individual country is followed by specific harbour information.


Mind you for those of you about to follow the sun and head South, destination the Canary Islands, perhaps join or shadow the next ARC the bang up to date Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands has been published at just the right time! Written by Oliver Solanas Heinrichs & Mike Westin, and having kept our Hunter Channel 31 first of all at Puerto Mogan, Gran Canaria, then in Lanzarote during the Summer months, Graciosa in the winter and finally settling in Gomera I wish It had been published when we first arrived all those years ago. What I like about the guide is the tips from local sailors on the best harbours, marinas and anchorages. Priced at only £27.95 it's of course bang up to date and with over 180 pages is worth every penny.


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