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Marine Chandlery

  • Round Britain and Ireland

    Still creeping home this morning with Sungard rock-hopping and Fuji well out to sea looking for that F3 Southwesterly that is forecast.

  • Round Britain and Ireland close to the finish

    Late this afternoon Sungard is only about 10 miles in front of Fuji. The tide is turning, the wind is veering NW before dying - it's going to be a long and frustrating finish. A bit of local knowledge will go a long way.

  • The Solent this Friday and weekend

    sees the Cumberland Fleet of the Royal Thames YC compete in the world's oldest regatta first held in 1775. I reckon the competition was just as fierce back then as it is today. The crew, the tactician or navigator and the sailing master would all have been top professionals at their career best striving for victory. Not much change there then.

  • Honey, I'm home!

    Reid Stowe, 58, landed in New York after his 1,152 day voyage, and was greeted by his girlfriend and 23-month toddler who he had never seen. Mr Stowe left in the 70-foot (21m) schooner in April 2007, setting a record for the slowest non-stop circumnavigation. Um ~ 3 years! While at sea, Mr Stowe says he spent his time repairing torn sails, painting, practising yoga and writing a book.

  • Keep on tracking

    the Round Britain and Ireland race here. The leaders are now safely docked in Lowestaft and taking a much needed rest after a wild trip from Lerwick.

  • The round the island race appears to have been a huge success.

    Hope everybody taking part had a great time. It's somehow reassuring that a folkboat was the overall winner. Well done to Brian Appleyard in 'Nordic Bear'. Despite the press attention on Tony Hayward having "his first day off"' 'Bob' came 4th in class. A final note - the results come in a 70 page pdf report!

  • In case you have been wondering what Muckle Flugga is

    It's the most northerly tip of the British isles at the top of Shetland and you can see a short video clip of it from Alex Bennet's Fuji here.

  • Sailing is not the hardest part.

    Wise words from Mike Perham on Breakfast this morning. Mike became the youngest circumnavigator when he docked in Portsmouth August last year.

  • Record entries

    The Round the Island race this Saturday - 1754 entries. I'm struggling to comprehend how the ISC race committee can handle this and how the pubs in Cowes can cope. Presumably on top of the 1754 competitors there will be quite a few spectator vessels; it should be spectacular. The RS Tera nationals at Netley Sailing Club, overlooking Southampton Water next weekend stand at 50 so far. Cheering to see that we are not all mired in national debt and financial gloom.

  • If you have been watching closely, you may have noticed

    we added Forespar's telescopic whisker poles recently. After loading the writeup on how to deploy them it occurred to me we often forget the idea of using one on the same side as the main boom. It's only racing rules that disallow this, so if you are quietly passagemaking on a reach, why not use your telescopic pole to make your headsail work more efficiently? See the boat on the far right below. Whisker Pole

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