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  • Coldest day since 1949 in Sydney

    Australia seems to be entering a particularly harsh winter. Get yer skis on cobber.

  • ICAP Leopard given new monohull speed record.

    Elapsed time: 24 hours Distance: 495.1 NM Average speed: 20.6 kts I bet that thing is noisy!

  • Dinghy and Outboard packages

    There couldn't be a better time to buy an inflatable and outboard package. The boat prices have gone up but we haven't passed those increases on to you yet, so get in there and take advantage now.

  • Largs is hosting the Laser Radial Worlds next week.

    Ben Ainsley on Largs “Most of all you do tend to remember Largs for the scenery, but ashore it is a fairly typical British seaside town, with plenty to do. On a clear day it is stunning. On the water there are plenty of challenges and usually over the course of a championship you will race in different areas in different winds. It can be quite tidal and that needs to be a consideration.” Shirley Robertson “Largs is the perfect sailing venue. The spectacular scenery, good race management, shore entertainment, and of course, the infamous ice cream makes for a fun regatta, whatever the age.” Jim Saltonstall “I have lost count how many times I have been there. I personally believe that Largs is one of the best sailing venues in Great Britain, from a national and international point of view. There is very easy access to international airports and the facilities in Largs to host any major event are really excellent. “As with any venue there is a lot to be taken into consideration on the water. If it is near spring tides then there can be a lot of water rushing around, but studying the charts carefully and you can play the tide card to your advantage. As regards wind sea breezes can be there. If the Azores High is in the area you will be waiting for a thermal sea breeze. That can come from the SW or the NW depending on the gradient wind effects. But in the summer months you can usually expect a good variety of conditions.” “And ashore, the fish and chips and ice cream at Nardini’s are not to be missed.” Myself  "camping in the dinghy park was convenient after an evening in the bar. The sailing was terrific."

  • Tip of the day - working with Epoxy

    On very hot days you can extend the pot life by a) Chilling the resin and hardener in a fridge beforehand b) Mixing in a large flat tray rather than in a tub The chemical reaction is exothermic (produces heat) so keep it cool as much as possible.

  • Keep your charts up to date!

    Six offshore windfarms have been built, which are generating 3.5 GW of renewable energy. There are a number of others either under construction or planned for the near future, to provide a further 5.5 GW of energy. Round 3 is set to deliver a massive 25GW of energy, with construction due to begin in 2014. There is an increasing number of things to bump into out there.

  • Round Britain and Ireland race

    Class40 final results for the Shetland Round Britain & Ireland race 2010: 1. Solo (Aasberg - Schei) 25 Jun at 13:07:02 11d 00:52:02 11d 00:52:02 2.  SunGard Front Arena (Nannini - Peggs) 25 Jun at 13:20:33 11d 01:05:33 3.  Fujifilm (Bennett - Dickinson) 25 Jun at 13:24:37 11d 01:09:37 4.  Phesheya Racing (Leggatt - Hutton-Squire) 25 Jun at 13:33:59 11d 01:18:59 5.  Orca (Tolkein – Brewer) 26 Jun at 03:18:13 11d 15:03:13 6.  Roaring Forty (Magrath – Pugh) 26 Jun at 15:12:53 12d 02:57:53 7.  Spliff (Dawson – McColl) 27 Jun at 10:37:07 12d 22:22:07

  • Abby Sunderland is finally on her way to Reunion

    where her brother Zac is waiting to greet her. He's the only family member available as Abby's mother is about to give birth to her eighth child. "Her dad would have loved to come, but the baby is due any day." Is this an over-acheiving family?

  • Round Britain and Ireland

    Still creeping home this morning with Sungard rock-hopping and Fuji well out to sea looking for that F3 Southwesterly that is forecast.

  • Round Britain and Ireland close to the finish

    Late this afternoon Sungard is only about 10 miles in front of Fuji. The tide is turning, the wind is veering NW before dying - it's going to be a long and frustrating finish. A bit of local knowledge will go a long way.

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