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  • Software update for the Garmin 750 and 750S Plotter

    Software version 3.00 for the GPSMAP 700 series is here! You’ve been asking for it and we are happy to announce that with the latest software version available from, mariners can now overlay radar data directly on top of the chart. Plus, a whole lot more! Please see the list below for highlights of the v3.00 software update. The 700 series plotters have set a new standard for affordability and ease of use in a touch screen plotter. Offering advanced features like BlueChart g2 Vision capability and NMEA 2000 connectivity, the 700 series offers mariners all the technical features they need, at a price that won’t break the bank. And of course, like all Garmin products, a proven history of rugged reliability, backed by excellent service and support. Software v3.00 Highlights • Added Radar Overlay display functionality – draws returns from a connected Garmin GMR radar over either a Navigation Chart or Fishing Chart presentation. This feature is available as Charts > Radar Overlay or Radar > Radar Overlay. Garmin recommends using a magnetic heading sensor for the best Radar Overlay experience • Added the option to overlay radar returns on 3D charts • Added ability to measure distances on radar displays in the same way this can be done on 2D charts • Corrected an issue where changing the system units would result in inaccurate radar range ring measurements (Range ring measurement accuracy would be restored following a power cycle) • Added support for TOPO maps • Added a depth log to the Sonar functions • Added Pic Advance control to Sonar Setup menu, which allows the scrolling sonar picture to advance faster by drawing multiple columns on the screen for each sounding returned • Added Label Devices under NMEA 2000 Setup which will allow labeling of NMEA 2000 engines and tanks with pre-defined names • Added analog display options for tank levels, rudder angle, trim tabs, bow tabs, and engine trim • Added option to display individual engine fuel flow rate and fuel economy numbers on the Numbers dashboard gauges page and in overlay numbers • Incorporated higher-resolution system fonts for improved presentation and readability • Improved weather drawing performance For a complete list of changes made from v2.50 to v3.00 please visit (Under the Chartplotters with SD card section click on See All Devices in this Bundle. Then click on your GPSMAP 700 series product to view the list of changes.)


    At the beginning of this year, Spinlock redesigned the inflatable component of the Deckvest, to eliminate potential defects and increase its long term durability. As a result, the warranty on each new Deckvest registered has been increased from 2 years to 5 years. • Spinlock are concerned that some earlier Deckvests may have a defect that could put an owner at risk. To remove this possibility they have announced their commitment to recall all previous ISO certified Deckvests and update the component to the 2010 standard. • Important Action Required: If you own an ISO Deckvest (with inspection window) you are strongly advised to enter its serial number at Precise instructions will be given if action needs to be taken. • Every Deckvest that qualifies for the update will be processed by the designated Deckvest Service Centre, promptly and completely free of charge. It will be returned to the owner, updated to the latest 2010 standard, with an extended 5 year warranty. • Deckvest owners are asked to apply for this update without delay and not later than 1st April 2011 • See for full information.

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