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  • THE CHRISTMAS COMPETITION is closed now. Pop back soon to see if you have won.

    We may not build ships in the North East anymore so it was with sadness the other day we watched the Tyne built Ark Royal sail through the piers for the last time. However its not all gloom in the area, Ovington boats of Tynemouth led nowadays by Chris Turner is still a world class boatbuilding concern as is Alnmaritec up in Alnwick. We have Nissan, Sage, Soil Machine Dynamics, Fraser Hydraulics, Express Engineering, Lowrie Cash & Carry, Custom Composites & Denes Deli all North East success stories. Fortunately for us quite a few of their staff are customers of ours, glad to have your custom folks. The Wylam Brewery, based on a farm near Heddon on the Wall & Jack Cain gin are more of the North East’s success stories & guess what, one of their directors is a sailor too! To get you in the festive spirit, first prize this month is a bottle of Jack Cain's gin, some locally produced Fentimans tonic water PLUS a bottle of his superb rum, second prize is 12 bottles of Wylam ale & third prize another bottle of gin. To enter all you have to do is answer the following three questions............ Q  Which Wylam ale is named after a famous North East landmark? Q  Jack Cains premium gin is handcrafted with? Q  Jack Cains Royal Sovereign rum was created for which local lad’s bicentenary in 2010? Closing date is 5pm Friday the 31st of Dec. In the event of a tie all correct answers will be placed in Andy’s lucky hat, shaken NOT stirred & three winners drawn. Alas we regret that due to the nature of the prizes if the winner(s) come from outside the UK borders, gift vouchers will be substituted. Likewise if under 18! PS, not that I am an expert but...... on the rare occasion that I may imbibe a G & T, made of course with Jack Cain's gin, I use as my mixer locally produced Fentimans traditional tonic water, slice of lime (not lemon) & plenty of ice! That to me is the dog’s b......! Speaking of dogs, the Wylam Breweries Dog Nobbler (named after a fly used by discerning anglers on the river Tyne) is a cracking pint.

  • Anybody wonder how Laura Dekker's doing?

    Well she's just over halfway across the Atlantic on her way to St Maartins 45N 73W. 2 yachts passed her the other day - it's busy out there!

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