Have you tried taking your car satnav for a walk?

You have driven to an as yet unvisited place. Maybe you leave your car in a Park 'n Ride place on the outskirts, or stick it in a multistorey you just happened to see on the way in. If you remember you load the current location as a favourite in the hope you can find your car later in the day, then you walk off. I find my satnav, a moderately recent but now unsupported Navman, is completely useless at walking pace. It seems to need to be moving at 10mph just to find which way is up. If I have entered a destination I want to visit it is incapable of working out a sensible route as it frequently starts with the impression that we are already going in the opposite direction. I never had this problem with a handheld GPS. My old Garmin 12 could find north if I was crawling on hands and knees. How does your car satnav perform if you take it for a walk?

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