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  • The Spinlock TLS (Through-Life Support) 5 year warranty on Deckvests

    From 1st January 2011, all registered Deckvest owners now qualify for ‘TLStm’, Spinlock’s ground-breaking ‘Through-Life Support’ programme. We all know a good lifejacket needs to be well maintained but when and how is not always easy to remember. Through Life Support makes it easier for an owner to keep their Deckvest reliable all through its working life. Included in ‘TLS’ support are….. • Advice when routine checks are due (pre- season & end season care and winter storage) • Latest tips from other Deckvest owners • Latest guidance and developments in MOB prevention • Contact details for your local Deckvest Approved Service Centre • Instant alert in case of any safety related defect reported • Previews of new Deckware technology • 5 year Owner’s Warranty - Register for your warranty by clicking here

  • The brand new windcharger from Rutland

    Marlec have introduced their latest innovation the 914i windcharger. What is that sexy wee i on the back of 914 you ask? It's not injection, no, it stands for intelligent. An intelligent electronic controller built in to match the characteristics of the generator to the constantly varying speed of the micro wind turbine. This optimization of the generator to match the turbine  is called maximum power point tracking. Thus there is more power - up to 30% more power, compared to the 913 - from the same turbine blade swept area. The first 910mm diameter Rutland turbine produced 50W @ 10m/s (19 knots) and on the 914i it now produces a power rating of 140W @ 11m/s. Amazing The 914i is as quiet as ever more than matching the reputation of Rutland's previous models for on board quietness, so you can rest easy, literally. Available from stock now at our Coast Road store.

    New Rutland 914i

    Rutland have over 30 years world wide sailing experience and have been used on sailing yachts because they give their owners total peace of mind and complete confidence.


    ISAF/RYA OFFSHORE SAFETY 'EXTREME' COURSE to be held at South Shields Nautical College 30mins Airport 30mins off M1 approx! KTY Yachts were trainers for the VOLVO OCEAN RACE CREWS for the 2005 and 2008/09 races.    Preparation for life at the extreme decided that the ISAF Offshore Safety and First Aid Course  training in 2008 was run at South Shields Nautical College including use of their environmental pool! We plan to run an 'Extreme'  ISAF Offshore Safety and First Aid Course at SSNC on: Course date;   26/27 February 2011 The training runs the ISAF Offshore Safety and RYA First Aid syllabus and includes a 3 hour pool session in the ssnc environmental pool with its Force 7 wind and sea state, horizontal rain, thunder and lightening;  a helicopter hi-line lift;  climbing a scramble net;  use of MOB recovery systems including the Jonbuoy Recovery Module.   Two liferafts are used for the excercises, with one for the finale while one crew watches the extreme experience, followed by a changeover of crews!- nev er to be repeated hopefully!  The pool session uses our instructors with the college safety cover instructors and their environmental conditions co-ordinator. There is a 1 hour fire fighting session at the SSNC fire fighting school with our and college  instructors.  The course also encompasses the RYA First Aid syllabus for certification. The new RYA Survival Handbook by the RNLI, and the St John's Ambulance Manual plus KTY Yachts Course Notes are included. A comprehensive selection of Ocean safety equipment can be seen and handled, if not all experienced!   The Course is aimed at experience and hands on approach, however, not 'survival', ie. your fitness will be monitored, it is not an endurance test. Cost £360. inc coffee and lunches. Booking Form plus Accomodation from very cheap to very reasonable. Bring your own oilies and lifejacket if possible for the personal experience, or we will lend some equipment. AN AMAZING COURSE PROGRAMME TO BE EXPERIENCED.....

  • Just in - Weekend Meterology Course

    I'm putting together a little project with a meteorologist named Chris
    Tibbs.  I recognized that there is a lot of meteorology theory which does
    not get covered in sufficient detail by the Yachtmaster syllabus, so The
    Polar Front is hosting a full weekend of lectures and workshops aimed at
    yachtsmen wanting a lot more knowledge in the field.
    Subjects covered will depend on your input, but loosely saturday will cover
    meteorological theory (what makes the weather) and sunday will introduce
    forecasting models, sources of weather info, interpreting raw weather data
    and modern weather forecasting technology.
    Chris provided weather routing for us on Polar Bear whilst in Greenland and
    I quickly realized that this guy had an enormous amount of knowledge and
    experience behind him.  Chris provides the met briefing for the Fastnet, the
    ARC, he is currently routing for Leopard and other stupidly good jobs!  He
    also wrote the RYA weather handbook.
    If you'd be interested in taking part in this weekend the dates are 5th and
    6th February at South Tyneside Marine College.  The cost for both days is
    £150 including the RYA handbook and lunch.
    If you should require accommodation for the saturday night you'd be welcome
    onboard Polar Bear (just a short ferry ride over the river).
    I've attached the flyer for the event to this e-mail, but please get in
    touch if you are interested or need more info.
    Hope to see you there, don't forget your pencil case!
    Mark Richardson
    07703 323 086
  • Mothers Ruin Christmas Competition

    Hi, Thought I would drop you a line to tell you that a fair number of our avid readers got the answers right , so first out of Andy’s lucky hat & the  winner of the ‘Mothers Ruin Christmas Competition’, was Richard Moore, first prize was a bottle of Jack Cain’s premium gin, some Fentimans tonic water & a bottle of Royal Sovereign rum.  Second out of the hat  & the winner of the 12 bottles of Wylam Ale was John Williams & the  third prize of one bottle of Jack Cain’s premium gin  was won by Quentin Mitchell. Congratulations to you all. Please note, we are closed Saturday the 1st & Sunday the 2nd but will be open the Bank Holiday (Monday the 3rd)  from 9.30 to 3.00 for the sale of even more SALE goodies. Remember the sale is on all next week finishing 5pm Saturday the 8th of January. Hope you all had a great Christmas & we wish you all ‘bon voyage’ in two thousand & eleven. Rob Storrar & Andy Burgess

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