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  • BlueChart g2® and g2 Vision® 2011, Now Available

    Another boating season, another Garmin BlueChart update!  In the continuous effort to keep our marine charting the most up-to-date, Garmin Europe is pleased to announce worldwide coverage availability for the updated 2011 format for BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision, replacing the previous 2010.5 version.  The well known BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision 2011 complement and enhance our marine and handheld product line with multiple user benefits: •          Seamless data transition between zoom levels and harmonious transition across chart borders •          Fishing depth contours included in both BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision formats •           “Safety Shading” settings with a selection of up to five values •          Standardised depth contours and isobath areas •          Minimized chart discontinuities and clutter •          Combining the best available data from multiple sources to create the most accurate and detailed chart available •          BlueChart g2 as lower cost electronic option for the Garmin handheld series and lower-end plotters Here below are the enhancements in BlueChart g2 & g2 Vision 2011: •          Introduction of deep water depth contours in the Fishing Chart display (deeper than 1000 mt) •          Numerous chart and notice-to-mariner updates

  • Air travel with lifejackets

    Congratulations to Luke Stimson are in order. Luke is refitting a boat in Japan with a view to sailing it to UK. Home for Christmas, he purchased 8 Commodore auto harness lifejackets from us along with some other bits and pieces and took them to Manchester Airport to board his flight back to Japan. Armed with our Lifejacket Information for Air Travel guide he was able after firm persuasion and a bit of education for the airport security staff to get them to accept his luggage including the lifejackets. Yes, you can take your lifejacket on an aircraft! If you need to fly with lifejackets containing CO2 bottles, call us for a copy of our Air Travel guide.

  • If you are looking for an entry level Fishfinder you need look no further

    We now have a batch of the best-selling, Eagle Cuda 300. These are refurbished units, fully tested and with a full 12 month warranty. At less than £50, you can't beat it!  The Cuda 300 has a 4" diagonal screen with a 4 level greyscale LCD. The 200 kHz transducer operates to 600 feet. If you are just starting, there's the 6ft Saltwater fishing kit - a rod and reel, tackle and an instruction booklet for only £20.95.

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