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  • 2011 updated charts now shipping

    Navionics have released their 2011 update and the new release of C-Map charts is on the way to us. If you have a new or recently updated Navionics chart you can download a years worth of free updates - Navionics FRESHEST DATA - from their webstore and a free PC app.

  • The new grotamar® 82 Biocidal Fuel Additive for Diesel and Bio-Diesel is now in stock

    the first biocide with a new protective formula for modern diesel fuels


    Modern low sulphur diesel fuels may contain biodiesel



    • encourages microbial growth or “diesel bug” • can degrade in storage within a few months leaving deposits in the fuel system

    Low sulphur

    • can cause increased leaching of copper and other metals into fuels making them unstable  

    grotamar®82 improves on and replaces grotamar®71

    • based on the same highly effective anti-microbial active ingredient: • recommended in trials by Motor Boat Monthly and Practical Boat Owner magazines • listed by NATO and used the Royal Navy • approved by engine manufacturers including MAN, MTU, DAF, Mercedes-Benz AG  

    grotamar®82 – what’s different and better

    • specifically developed for modern diesel fuels, including biodiesel and low sulphur fuels • new protective formula to prevent premature fuel degradation caused by ageing • fast and highly effective against bacteria, yeasts and moulds • excellent long-term protection for fuel tanks, pipes and engines • rapid and complete dispersion in all fuels – no mixing required • no corrosive combustion products • corrosion protection for steel, aluminium, copper and other non-ferrous metals • easier dosing • preventive dose: 200ml per 200ltrs of fuel; shock dose: 1ltr per 400ltrs of fuel

  • Celebrating St Patrick's day Thursday 17th.

    If you are not on our mailing list, please note we are offering the world famous Dubarry footwear range this week along with Ireland's even more famous liquid refreshment and some free Dubarry extras. Type Guinness in the product search box or simply click here.

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