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  • grotamar® 82 – the first biocide with a new protective formula for modern diesel fuels.

    Micro-organisms in diesel fuel simply love the addition of small amounts of biofuel in found today's supplies. Fossil fuels are blended with biofuels to make them more enviromentally friendly - unfortunately this makes them more friendly to diesel bug or microbes! Biodiesels are a good source of nutrition for microbes and they promote the contamination of the fuel with water. Biodiesel is also less stable than “fossil” diesel and degrades with ageing leading to darkening and formation of solid deposits. Microbes grow faster than ever, forming “biomass” and causing corrosion. The “biomass” clogs filters and leads to engine failure. For many sailing vessels the auxiliary diesel engine is not only a convenience, but is relied on in emergency situations such as anchor dragging, or gear failure while near a lee shore. To maintain starting and running reliability of diesel engines, use Grotamar 82 to treat the fuel and prevent the bug. Grotamar 82 is very powerful, now only 1/4 of the dosage is needed. Only 25ml per 100 litres is the new preventative dose.

  • What's so great about Lopolights?

    Lopolight of Denmark manufacture a range of LED navigation lights which at first glance may seem rather expensive. However let's look into this a little: first of all there is the benefit of the LED's tiny current draw which is attractive particularly for sailing vessels.  Now as you may know there is a range of LED bulbs which substitute the incandescent ones in existing navigation light installations and loads of people go down that route. However what Lopolight brings to this equation is that being potted in epoxy and completely encapsulated inside an aluminium housing, they are watertight, vibration proof and virtually indestructable. Rugged to the point if you clattered one with say an anchor, probably the anchor would come off worse than the Lopolight. They are indeed waterproof to IP68+ i.e. submersible (Actually a Lopolight can stand being submerged to 350 meters!), and the LED's have a working life of 50,000 hours (every night of the year for over 11 years) - you don't ever have to worry about carrying spare bulbs! If you have to carry an emergency power supply on board for communication and nav lights, this can potentially be reduced from a genset to a battery which more than pays for the additional cost of Lopolights. Finally if you have a masthead tricolour and anchor light, how many times has it been damaged by the crane when putting the mast back in in the spring, or how many times did you need to replace that bulb up there?  

  • Tacktick Wireless Instruments

    Raymarine who recently aquired Tacktick from the interim owners Suunto have now overcome the logistics problems associated with having all the stock in a warehouse in Holland. This means that deliveries are now back to the usual lightning speed, and in addition we have sharpened up our prices somewhat. Now is a great time to buy before the expected price hike at the end of this year.

  • Garmin Bluecharts - watch out!

    If you have one of the older Garmin plotters - 172,178, 182, 188, 2000 series - be advised that Bluecharts on the 'Traditional' Garmin datacard will not be available at all after 15th December 2011. If you are thinking of extending your sailing area, better order up the required charts soon. Note that although these are charts are still available, they are the Version 2008.5 release and not updated. While we do have in-house programming capability for Bluecharts, this however does not apply to traditional datacards, so please allow up to 3 working days for delivery.

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