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  • Checkout the innovative Storm-Bag® - Storm Jib for Furlers

    We love the simplicity of this new product. Wrapping the sail around the furled genoa creates a perfect aerofoil shape with no dead area. Hoists straight out of the bag so can be deployed in seconds. No second forestay or baby stay. It's a very bright idea.

  • iPads - at sea?

    New and now in stock: Waterproof iPad Case Our best value-for-money protection for tablet pc's. The Overboard iPad case is waterproof - guaranteed to 6m; it also protects against sand, dirt and dust. It has a clear front allowing full functional access to your iPad. Navigate, email, photograph (there's a window on the back for the camera lens) and surf the net. The back is padded which helps protect your iPad from knocks, and the padding helps it float. There's a hand loop on the back which allows portrait or landscape viewing. It is supplied with a shoulder strap, keyring caribiner and sachets of silica gel to be used where there is high relative humidity.

  • Older Garmin GPS Plotters - Charts no longer available

    Garmin have now discontinued the Bluechart traditional datacards. Charts are not available now for the following units which are only compatible with Traditional BlueChart (not with BlueChart g2 or g2 Vision):  

    eTrex Legend GPSMAP 162 GPSMAP 496
    eTrex Legend C GPSMAP 168 GPSMAP 60
    eTrex Legend Cx GPSMAP 172 GPSMAP 60C
    eTrex Legend H GPSMAP 172C GPSMAP 60CS
    eTrex Legend Hcx GPSMAP 176 GPSMAP 76
    eTrex Summit HC GPSMAP 176C GPSMAP 76C
    eTrex Venture Cx GPSMAP 178 GPSMAP 76CS
    eTrex Venture HC GPSMAP 178C GPSMAP 76S
    eTrex Vista GPSMAP 182/182C GPSMAP 96
    eTrex Vista C GPSMAP 188/188C GPSMAP 96C
    eTrex Vista Cx GPSMAP 196 GPSMAP 2010/2010C
    eTrex Vista H GPSMAP 2006/2006C
    eTrex Vista HCx GPSMAP 232
    GPS 18 GPSMAP 238
    GPS V GPSMAP 296
    GPSMAP 495

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