Between a rock and a hard place - Anchoring again

PBO August 2011 has yet another test of anchors with the Spade/Rocna/Manson types coming out top, to the extent that one 15kg Rocna has holding power equal to two 16kg Delta anchors! The old CQR is consigned to the scrap heap for breaking out under load, the Claw or Bruce style anchors give a poor result. One of the key factors to think about is if you normally keep your main anchor on the bow roller, would you rather have 15kg or 30kg stuck at the pointy end? The Ultimate Holding Capacity or UHC being key, Rocna 15kg is 480, Spade 15kg is 420, Manson 11.4kg is 225 and no others come close. If efficiency is UHC divided by weight, Rocna is on 30 while CQR is less than 10. If you would like to be in your bunk listening to the wind in the rigging rather than crouching in the cockpit all night on anchor watch, Rocna is the obvious choice.

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