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  • Considering a windlass?

    Read our guide Always remember: Anchoring loads should be carried by a chain snubber or chain stopper. Do not rely on the gipsy of a windlass for remaining at anchor.

  • Why we don't recommend plastic coated guardrails

    Plastic coated guardrails have been outlawed for racing boats for some years - here's why: Stainless steel requires exposure to air to form the rust-proof coating that stops it from rusting! Substitute that atmosphere with seawater seeping up by capillary action. It eats through stainless steel like you would not believe. Also until the plastic coating is eventually broken you won't see this hidden process. Basically plastic coated stainless wires are a deathtrap.

    Call our rigging department on 0191 2661037 to get your guardrails replaced before it is too late.

  • Tynemouth Lifeboat

    Following the fundraising event last November, the crew of the Tynemouth Lifeboat received their new purpose built search and rescue lifejackets.

    New lifejackets for Tynemouth RNLI volunteers

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