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  • Seen at the show

    Now that I am safely back from the show (despite the horrendous drive up North  Sunday on night what with losing the driver's windscreen wiper etc) it’s time to share with you some of the new products that I saw down there that were worthy of mention. There has been a lot of positive talk over the last couple of years & now satisfied customers who have purchased either Rocna or Manson Supreme New Generation anchors from us which is great; one skipper e mailed me to say ‘at last I can get a good night’s sleep without my crew worrying if it was holding’! Seen at the show was a UK designed & manufactured anchor with an apparently better holding capability than both these two makes, which is quite impressive. Naturally this performance does come with a price tag however the efficiency of the Knox anchor is about 50% higher than the best New Generation anchors & is four to eight times as efficient as the CQR, Delta and Bruce! Knox Anchor digging in

  • Job done

    The other week we had a guy in the chandlery who had just purchased a second hand rib, told him that we have on the shelf a cracking good inflatable rib cleaner & finisher. Said that if they ‘did not do the business’, that he would get his money back! Well he turned up today, not asking for his money back but to tell us & show us images of how well his rib had come up. Polymarine inflatable boat cleaner & their excellent inflatable boat finish are available off the shelf & apart from the fact that they work, they do not need a lot of elbow grease!

  • Almost, but not quite

    I did have a feeling in my bones that we were going to win International Paints mystery shopper competition; well that feeling was ALMOST right, we didn’t win however we did come third! International Paint retailers throughout the country were ‘visited’ by a ‘mystery shopper’ during the past few months & they awarded points on a variety of subjects including.......... depth of stock, the presentation of the paint display, product knowledge etc etc. We never suspected anyone who could have been the shopper but I am convinced if they had been served by yours truly we would have won!, strange that the two Andy’s & Clare all say the same thing! However maybe it’s because as well as having excellent stocks of well presented International products we also stock in depth Hempel/Blakes, Seajet, Epifanes & Flag products that we didn’t quite make it. Joking apart we are rightly proud of our range of paints & other maintenance & repair products like West, SP, Owatrol etc.


    Here in the nerve centre of our emporium, we undergo a thorough examination of every item that passes thru our premises, yes we even test flares, but not the explosive type. Selling well at the moment are the excellent ODEO flares a safe, lightweight high performance Laser flare...... no heat, no flame, no explosives & no worries about disposing of them. Odeo Laser Flare

  • Portable pumps?

    Why is it that every time it rains reasonably hard we wake up to find that A1058 which almost passes our front door (we are on the slip road) floods, perhaps we should sell one, or a large number of the excellent Rule Aquacharge rechargeable portable water pumps to the local council! Or maybe they should invest in some gulley cleaning equipment. . . . The coast comes to the Coast Road!


    Avid readers of my ramblings, may recall that on my journey North from the Excel based London Boat Show in January of this year I suffered a blowout in the outside lane of the A1 whilst driving Andy's fully laden van, fortunately it was a rear tyre that gave up the ghost. Well once again the curse has struck, there we were, navigator Clare & yours truly returning from exhibiting the STORM-BAG at the Southampton Boat Show, driving along (once again in Andy's Renault Traffic) up the A34, outside lane of course & in horrendous conditions....driving rain & gale force winds when the driver's side windscreen wiper blade decides to go walkabout! Managed to find a lay-by & with rather a lot of help from Clare (my reading glasses were useless in the rain) to swop the nearside blade over to give me a clear screen! Both of us got soaked from the waist down even though I had in my case my Musto Gortex mid layer blouson on & she was wearing over her Henri Lloyd fleece one of their Genesis vests. It was a shame however that her deck shoes let her down (apparently these shoes were her mums many years ago) as her feet turned green! Me I was wearing my Dubarry's, no issue with the colour running, would have also been confident if I had been in my Orca Bay's however they were being dried out under the van's heater as they got soaked at the show!

  • Southampton Sunday - brrrrr

    Horizontal rain and its blowing a gale here at Southampton Boat Show today. A small stream has appeared overnight and is gently flowing through our stand. Fortunately, I'm wearing my favourite Musto Goretex mid-layer a Henry Lloyd fleece, sadly no Seal Skin socks!!!

  • If I had a pound. . . .

    If I had a pound for every person who has come onto the stand and told us that they don't need a storm jib because, "they don't go out in bad weather" I'd be a rich man! And if I was a rich man (a very very rich man), I would probably purchase a Rustler 44. Claire, who is helping man the stand (and has sold more storm-bags than I, much to my disgust) would rather the Rustler 33, however, we both agree that we would fit the "Fresh water flush kit" to help remove the "rotten egg" smell that can occur in pipe-work when your boat is laid-up for any length of time. (Editor's note: If Rob were to get hold of a Rustler 44, he'd need a pair of these for the crew)

  • What a refreshing attitude

    Was in the shop picking a Whale service kit for a mail order when I overheard a customer at the counter say "It's not really worth cutting corners with lifejackets is it?"

  • Southampton Thursday

    Got in early this morning, wandered over to the Harken stand, I must confess that I am most impressed with their new "entry level" Harken ESP furler. It gives you affordable Harken quality and is easy to assemble and install. If you are thinking of upgrading, give us a bell, because there are some cracking deals to be had on this and on their range of radial winches.

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