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  • Around The World In Eighty Days ... 19 Hours and 23 Minutes

      Congratulations to Alex Thomson who almost got round the world in under 80 days, he finished third overall in the Vendee Globe his time on the water was 80days, 19hours and23minutes! Unlike Phileas Fogg  who in the Jules Verne novel of 1873 went round the world in eighty days, Alex no doubt when he returned  would be as fresh and smelling just as sweetly as the day he set off as his yacht was sponsored by Hugo Boss! Incidentally the mast on Hugo Boss is held up by fibre rigging from Navtec which is a division of Lewmar.

  • Now you See It, Now You Don't...

    I keep banging on about removing the sails and canvas work etc from your boat (unless they are protecting bright work) over the winter months, if however you leave it a bit late and you get some green 'growth' appearing there are some great products on the market from reputable companies like Starbrite or Yachticom which will do the trick if you are into DIY. When it comes to halyards and sheets our trade partner Tip Top Sail Laundry (whom if you are not DIY inclined) do an excellent job of washing and proofing canopies and the washing of sails, Tip Top will also wash halyards and sheets at a very reasonable rate and as can be seen from the image do an excellent job with no loss of strength to the rope.

  • Rather Appropriate...

    With my earlier blog on the French yachtsman being rescued I thought it appropriate to mention with the North Shields branch of Cosalt closing their ‘in house’ liferaft service area we do now have an agreement with a Southampton based service agent, they are certified to work on Plastimo, Seago, Avon, RFD and other makes. We have a ‘load’ going early Feb so if anyone wants to ‘jump on the bandwagon’ please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you are without liferaft and in the market for a new one we can get (usually within two days) most popular makes including Ocean Safety, Seago, Plastimo etc and our pricing is competitive!

  • Awesome!

    That’s how I would describe Universal Stone after trying it out on some very discoloured shelving in our chandlery and I asked the Saturday boy to do the ‘hard’ work! Both Andy and I try (but often fail) to keep the chandlery clean and tidy. Over the years we have employed a succession of Saturday boy’s to do some of the necessary, dusting, washing, vacuuming etc. The shelving that most of our stock sits on is of metal construction with a slightly rough finish, probably powder coated finish and over the years despite it being washing down with a variety of cleaning products they have slowly lost their fresh look and in certain cases become quite badly marked.  This past Saturday,  snow on the ground and with a distinct lack of customers I thought I would see if one of the products that I seen at the Southampton Boat Show and subsequently stocked would do the trick, I have to report that Universal stone is brilliant, it does not need loads of elbow grease and being environmentally friendly I was quite happy to let the Saturday boy loose with no supervision.

  • Anti-Piracy Planning...

    As I said in a earlier blog 27/12/12; when Jenny and I were on holiday in the Canary Islands the other week it was nice to meet up again with Paul & Rachel Chandler and be given a ‘tour’  of the magnificently restored Lynn Rival. They unfortunately were at the time of their  kidnapping unable to purchase (as one can do now) one of the Admiralty Anti –Piracy Planning Charts Q6099. Listening to Paul & Rachel’s superb presentation that they gave on their experience, being held hostage by Somalian gangsters as Rachel insisted they be called, not pirates!  During their talk it became obvious that they were ‘just in the wrong place at the wrong time’. You can find out more about their ordeal by reading their book "Hostage- A Year at Gun Point". For more information on how to avoid piracy Click Here To see the IMB live Piracy & Armed Robbery Map 2013 Click Here

  • Notice To Mariners - Dredging at Blyth

    Dredging will commence on Saturday the 26th of January in the entrance to Blyth Harbour, to see  the notice Click Here . Incidentally if you are ever worried about your current sounder, or don't have one, we have at the moment some very competitive prices on Garmin, Raymarine, Lowrance, depth and Fishfinders (which also give you the depth) If its fog you're worried about we have just one left of a Raymarine Marine bundle consisting of an E90W 9" touch screen multi function display, a 4kW 18" RD418D digital radome, 10m radar cable and RS130 GPS antenna. This package is great value at £1999.95 which is half the RRP!

  • 49% of RNLI launches are to leisure craft!

    A frightening statistic! Its down by 7% from the 2011 figures but the RNLI think that it's because of the poor weather last year. Mechanical failure is still the most common problem, so if you haven’t already done so, invest in a new impeller and change your filter(s). Check the condition and tension of the belts and invest in some Grotamar to treat your diesel and or tank, petrol engines go for StarTron Petrol Additive. There is a lot more you can do but at least this is a start! Why no check out the RNLI website for advice by Clicking Here or pick up a FREE "Sea Safety" Booklet and CD next time you're at the shop.

  • Cruise Ship Rescues French Sailor...

    Alain Delord a French single handed round the world sailor was rescued on Sunday evening by the Arctic cruiser PV Orion,  Delord activated his distress beacon on Friday night after being dismasted in bad weather and before he could cut the broken mast free it punched a hole in his hull. When a customer asks me about safety equipment and special wire cutters for cutting away rigging I always remind the person buying that even though you may be over 2 meters high and weigh (x) stone, if you are injured, can the smallest and or weakest person on board cut the rig away?  The Felco cutters are in my opinion some of the best if not the best out on the market today, if your budget can stand it and you have storage space onboard their ‘geared head’ wire cutters are in my opinion the best available, go for the biggest your budget will allow, the C108 cuts up to 8mm and the C112 up to 12mm. To read more on this story Click Here

  • Snug as a bug in a rug...

    With the recent bad weather one of our sewing machinist has been complaining that the 'pits' that they sit in when machining covers or sail care a wee bit cold! Being a kind hearted sort of guy I suggested another layer of clothing which strangely enough didn't go down that well! Yesterday we got another delivery of tube heaters (was it our recent mail shot had triggered the interest or just the cold snap) and I had one of these moments, fit a tube heater in the pit. Job was done yesterday evening and this morning the machinists are smiling!

  • Thanks From The Chandlery

    A grateful thanks to our sail loft for making up the Polycotton cover that we use to protect the access ramp at the entrance to the chandlery, keeps the snow and ice off and also prevents the timber from weathering so quick! It takes two minutes to remove the cover in the morning and avoids the hassle of de-icing on those freezing cold mornings when all you want to do is get inside fast. Andy who was down at Royal Quays discussing Sterling and Merlin battery chargers and monitoring systems as well as an ICS Navtex was also extremely grateful (makes a pleasant change) for the winter cover we had made the other year for this particular customers yacht, decks were dry and the temperature in the interior of the yacht was bearable with an outside temp -4!

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