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  • Mr & Mrs - Lewmar Proud Parents Of A New Baby!

    Picture 6

    Mr & Mrs - Lewmar Proud Parents Of A New Baby!

    It is with great pleasure that Mr & Mrs Lewmar wish to annouce the arrival of their new baby who has been named CPXO WINDLASS weighing in at a 9.2 kgs already it's developing an impressive pull of 410kg.

    Click here for more information on the new Lewmar CPXO Windlass



  • 15.Top Tips Tuesdays - Conquering Seasickness?

    Conquering Seasickness?

    "There are those who have and those that will suffer seasickness. 
    There is a sea state to catch everyone, even if it hasn't found you yet".
    -  Are you prepared?
    Weston Emmart Sketch
    Above: A sketch by the late American war veteran/Artist Weston Emmart depicting his struggles when crossing the Atlantic

    Unfortunately not all of us can say with confidence that they never suffer from seasickness, lucky are those who never do and CAN cook below deck in all conditions. In over fifty years of 'big boat' sailing the only time I ever felt really, really awful was at 4pm one morning when crossing the North Sea on the DFDS ferry that runs between IJmuuiden Amsterdam and the ferry terminal at North Shields Newcastle. Was it seasickness or the sea food buffet that caused me to feel a little green around the gills if you pardon the pun a large feast of poached salmon, gravlax, shrimps, pickled herring, smoked eel and all other sorts of seafood or was it the force nine gale that was tossing us around, who knows methinks it was that dodgy prawn! Yes I have had my moments, at times coming up on watch in a dying breeze with a left over rolling sea, however these days there are a variety of remedies for seasickness apart from the old wife's remedies such as nibbling on ginger biscuits (works apparently for some folk) There are ginger tablets, available from health food shops, Stugeron, famous yachting author Tom Cuncliffe suggests you start taking them the night before. We retail in our chandlery the inexpensive Seaband, apparently works on acupressure. Relatively new on the market are the Boarding Ring glasses, developed in conjunction with the French Navy and highly recommended by my good lady Jenny for helping prevent carsickness. New on the Uk market is the Comfort Quest motion sickness device which is an anti seasickness watch and then there is the old favourite the Relief-band, another watch but a tad more expensive than the Comfort. Clare who posts my ramblings, (sorry blogs) has included some testimonials from our customers.


  • Boarding Ring Glasses Testimonials

    Testimonial 1:

    Hi Rob,

    Went for a sail yesterday in very light winds and a slight sea state. Anna tried the anti-seasickness glasses and, as much as she hates to admit it, said they actually made her feel better even though she only put them on when she was already feeling funny.



    Testimonial 2:

    Hi Guy and Paul

    I own an "Arvor" and I am mad keen on fishing. Paul you have kindly printed a few pictures of my kids in Sea Angler magazine. Sea sickness has been the blight of my life - and I am emailing to let you know that the Anti-Motion Sickness Glasses have cured it seemingly for good.

    I noticed an immediate improvement and now I have no sea sickness at all. I can tie knots, look at the GPS, enter data etc without that awful lurching vomity feeling. My brain has adjusted to motion at sea and I can remove the glasses now for periods too.

    Guy - if you are interested in publicising these glasses (Paul they work like a spirit level with a bubble which orientates the visual messages to the brain and aligns with the balance in the ears) – they were in the April SA mag I think. I would be happy to write an article for you on my experience with the glasses. By the way I have removed the plastic lenses and just look straight through the frames - I look pretty mad - but who cares – I’m fishing and not puking.

    All the best,



    Sent: 13 September 2016 20:28 To: Subject: Boarding Ring Glasses

    Hi Rob

    Really interested to read your latest info mail regarding Boarding Ring Glasses. Your experiences exactly match ours with Fiona using hers to counteract my boat handling as well as the often nasty wave and swell patterns...... I have tried to perfect the best 'Comfy Ride' helming technique to help crew through the rough stuff but sometimes the win  over tide, short intervals and adverse heading beat all the best intentions.

    Anyway, the Boarding Rings have been a staple part of F's anti seasickness armour for the past three years and very effective they have been. However, this year on our passage to Orkney F noticed that the 'ink' in the lenses had completely evaporated in one side piece and was significantly reduced in the remaining three. While still having some effectiveness the original direct effect was somewhat reduced.

    As a result we contacted the manufacturers by e-mail and had a superb response. Our new Best French Friend Hubert sent free replacement lenses by return post with handwritten details for application. He apologised for the problem and explained that a batch of the early lenses had been defective.

    Just a thought but might it be worth passing on the experience in case others have encountered the same issue?

    Best regards

    Richard (Maisy, Amble)

  • Relief Band Testimonial

    Testimonial 1: Alison Redshaw -  28th March 2010

    Hello Rob,

    My name is Alison Redshaw and I sail aboard 'Tara' a Mc,wester Rowan Crown with my husband Eddie Redshaw. Our yacht is moored at Amble Marina in Northumberland. I am very pleased with my purchase of a 'Seasickness Relief Watch' from you chandlery this year. After placing and setting the watch in the correct position on my wrist, for the first time I was able yo enjoy my sailing without the symptoms of seasickness which have plagued me and spoilt my enjoyment of sailing for years.

    Kind Regards


    Testimonial 2: Robert Darby -  6th June 2013

    After a short trip from Newcastle to Sunderland I was miserably sick! After a visit to the shop we decided to order a band. We then sailed Sunderland – Hartlepool – Whitby – Hartlepool without any sickness. Remarkable!


    Robert Darby

  • Be Seen Sooner - Spinlock's Pylon Light, A Cut Above The Rest?

    If you are thinking of updating your lifejacket in preparation of that summer cruise, why not consider the Spinlock Pylon Light as it says on the packet BE SEEN SOONER!  Apart from all the benefits of this particular light we are offering a FREE lifejacket rearming pack worth £20-00 when you buy a Spinlock Pylon lifejacket light.

    Picture 111
  • Lightning Never Strikes Twice... Or Does It?

    Lightning never strikes twice, or does it? Monday nights ‘fireworks' certainly kept me awake for an hour as the electrical storm passed overhead, mind you the rain that came afterwards was most welcome considering how dry our garden was! The Lightning Master by Forespar is an item  that trickles out on a regular basis, especially for those guys off round the world, however with the more extreme weather we have been having over the last few years I think we will see a lot more being sold in the UK!


    Lightning Master™ Static Dissipaters lower the exposure to a direct lightning strike by controlling the conditions which trigger direct strike (i.e. they reduce the build-up of static ground charge and retard the formation of the ion “streamers” which complete the path for a lightning strike).

    The Dissipater employs the point-discharge principle to continually leak off the lightning causing ground potential in low amperages over a long period of time instead of the short duration, high amperage discharge occurring with a lightning strike.

    This is the same technology from the same manufacturer which is successfully employed to protect commercial broadcast and television towers from direct lightning strikes. This lightweight (5.2 oz.) 21” long Dissipater mounts to the masthead and extends vertically above all other masthead equipment.

    We do not claim that this product is 100% effective in preventing a lightning strike. At the present collective level of understanding of the lightning phenomenon, no one can make that claim. This product does control the causes of lightning strikes and thereby reduces the incidence of direct strikes.

    For more striking images like this one click here...

    Picture 87

  • 14. Top Tips Tuesdays - Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink! Keeping you water tanks clean...

    Picture 85Picture 86

    With the holiday season now well underway we have seen the sale of water purifying tablets and filters increase dramatically. Remember of course that contamination may occur during tank filling, to reduce the risk we strongly recommend that you keep on your boat a dedicated hose for drinking water only. Do Not use a hose that has been left in situ on a marina pontoon, you may find that a seabird or rat has contaminated the end by attempting to quench their thirst! Once you have got your hose connected to the supply, make sure your young willing helper is not dragging the end over contaminated decking or has dropped it into the water before putting the nozzle into your filler!

    Puratank which contains no chlorine is excellent for cleaning tanks, pumps, pipes and taps, allow 24 hours and if you have not already changed your filter be it a Jabsco or Whale we strongly reccomend you do so,  as it leaves the water natural tasting and sweet smelling. It is sensible to add Aquamega tabs (water purifying tablets) which will destroy the organisms, which cause Legionella, Cholera, Typhoid, Amoebic Dysentery and Salmonella to name but a few!

  • The 10 best ways to prevent MAN OVERBOARD

    'In no circumstances are you better off in the water than out of it. . .' Essentials of Sea Survival, Golden and Tipton
    kb header

    1 Tighten lifelines and jacklines. These lines are essential for containing a fall safely. Keep them taut, replace any damaged or corroded terminations: specify low stretch flat jacklines and remove them at the end of each season.

    2 Provide secure strong points and handholds. Vital at workstations, and for moving and clipping inboard of the jackline especially on bigger wider decks.

    3 Keep a good foothold. Wear footwear that grips well on a heeled deck when wet. Fit non-skid deck patches where necessary.

    4 Wear your own combined harness and lifejacket. Wearing a lifejacket on its own will never keep you out of the water - only a clipped on harness will.

    5 Keep it securely fitted. If your lifejacket harness is unfastened or flapping around your waist it can't be a reliable harness or a reliable lifejacket.

    6 Wear a light compact safety line with an overload indicator. As clips can't always be released under load carry a dedicated safety line cutter in case you need to disconnect fast.

    7 Always clip on when sailing short handed, at night, in poor visibility or in heavier weather. Novices, children and the less able should clip on at all times.

    8 Do it out of consideration for the skipper, fellow crew and those who might have to come to your rescue (or funeral!).

    9 Look after your kit. Webbing fibres degrade in strong sun, in damp salt conditions and especially from abrasion. Destroy any safety line showing wear or contamination or after any heavy fall. Store all lifejackets, harnesses and safety lines in a dry place.

    10 Trust your own kit. When you look after your own lifejacket harness and safety line you can trust them more than anything borrowed. It's YOUR life on the line.

    Courtesy of Spinlock special projects and expert opinion gathered from friends at the highest levels of international sailing and sea safety.

  • Keep Cool With Blue Performance...


    In the Canaries where our Hunter Channel 31 is currently berthed (up for sale if you want a well built yacht in the sun) we help protect ourselves from overheating by the use of a cockpit awning and a wind catcher which of course being  ‘home made’ works best if you are on a swinging mooring.

    Blue Performance manufacture a range of products that will keep you cool and help you avoid sunburn. Three sizes of cockpit awnings are available, they are waterproof if it dares rain and are easy to fit. If none of those matches your needs, we can design and sew, in our sail loft, one that is 'made to measure' to your specification and colour. The free hanging sunshade is popular in the Canaries. I have seen them used on the foredeck and also over the cockpit providing shade when a guy was servicing winches, a truly versatile bit of kit. Their wind catcher and mosquito net help funnel wind thru the forward hatch with its different panel construction it catches the breeze from any direction.

  • Hot Work In The Sail Loft With Little And Large

    Storrar Marine's Busy Sail Loft

    Was hot work in the loft yesterday, one or two droplets of water could be seen on my face after I had completed the hand stitching, eyeleting and finishing on these two! The larger, a working jib for a 37 foot Halberg Rassey, to be set up on his inner forestay, the little is a high visibility jib for a Red Fox. Both design(s) by an ex employee of ours, independent sail designer Chris Owen who's panels and patches are laser cut for accuracy using the Azure Design Program. Fabric by Contender probably the best sailcloth weavers and finishers in the world and assembled with loving care and experience on the Coast Road. What more could a sailor or pirate want?

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