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  • Press Freedom (Free From Bacteria That Is)

    On our powerboats and yachts we should always keep the drinking water bacteria free and it should have a refreshing taste, to do this we strongly recommend that customers fit something  like the Jabsco Aqua Filter cartridge type or the inline Whale Aquasource clear water filter this is of course AFTER you have cleaned the tank and pipes with Puriclean or Yachticon’s  Puratank. As it states on the Puriclean container ‘all water tanks, pipes, taps become contaminated with dirt, stains, bacteria and algae!' However what I didn't know, nor probably you, is that a large number of the worlds Heidelberg printing presses rely on Yachticon Aqua Clean tablets to keep their dedicated water supply in the presses bacteria free, so next time you are sitting on your boat reading the Sunday newspaper(s) pour yourself  a glass of treated water and drink a toast  to Yachticon who help keep the worlds presses rolling!


  • Incy Wincy Spider

    Young Robert, as opposed to the ancient one (me), was yesterday working on a rather neglected Fast Fisher at the local marina. He was using Meguiars colour restorer followed by their Premium Marine Wax to great effect. He told me that by the time he had finished she was looking as good as new. He did mention to me that in the corner of the ‘eaves’ of the cabin roof, before he cleaned and polished, there was one of the biggest spider infestations he had ever seen! When the owner popped in today to pay his bill today I suggested that he purchase a bottle of Starbrite’s Spider Away which is safe to use on all surfaces including plastic, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood, glass and painted surfaces! Or the Yachticon Anti Spider Spray like Spider Away its made from natural products and can be used on most surfaces.

    *Internet Sourced Image


  • Outwards And Upwards

    When was the last time you went up your mast to check it out? Fortunately for this guy the cruising chute was not being used when the block ‘exploded’ but he was only using it to try and  get his Seago inflatable dinghy onboard! If your mast does not come down at the end of the season before lift out, it’s worth a climb (before removing the halyards and leaving mouse lines in place) to check everything is hunky dory. If you are afraid of heights, get someone else to go up but make sure you get them to take your camera and get them to take photos of all the blocks, fittings, electrical cables etc etc.

    Ps Don’t forget to tie the camera securely to the bosuns chair!

  • 19.Top Tips Tuesdays - Does Size Matter?

    Fitting Children's LifejacketsWe all want the clothes and shoes we purchase for our growing kids to last, so it makes sense to buy, in most cases, the next size up and don't I know it! I still have my old grammar school blazer from the middle of the last century which I was told by my father all those years ago,  'You will grow into it next year'. Still waiting! There is however an exception to this rule and that is when it comes to children's buoyancy aids and lifejackets.

    Make sure you read the label or packaging and note the suggested weight range. Put the preserver on the child and adjust the waist strap to fit. Clip the crutch strap into place and again adjust.

    So does it fit? There must be no danger of them slipping out and in our opinion there is only one way to test picking them up! You can use the harness ring or the material over the shoulders to gently lift the child off the ground. This test will reveal all, and as you can see from the image, its a perfect fit for one of our youngest customers.


  • River Tyne will be closed for 3 days at the end of August.

    Zapcat races right in the town centre close the river:

    Friday 30th August 09:00 - 17:00

    Saturday 31st August 09:00 - 18:00

    Sunday 1st September 08:00 - 14:15

    Image of closed Area
  • Before and After! Its nice to get some positive feedback...

    Many years ago we purchased a brand new but very shop soiled rib as a ‘toys for boys’ In our attempt to restore it to an as new condition we tried a variety of cleaners all to no avail until we tried Polymarine's inflatable boat cleaner, since then we have not bothered stocking another make so it was nice to get this e-mail through from one of our regular customers who obviously agrees with us and thinks it's a good bit of kit and subsequently brought the Polymarine Inflatable Boat Finish as a result.

    Having said that we started stocking a product last year called Universal Stone, which is a very versatile cleaner that can be used on boat or around the household use and that also works wonders on RIBS!

    If you have a particular product/surface or fabric you need to clean, don’t hesitate to contact we probably have the appropriate product on the shelf, if we don’t I am sure we can use our contacts to come up with a satisfactory solution.

  • 18. Top Tips Tuesdays - Have you ever...had problems mooring when short handed?

    Have you ever had problems mooring when short handed? Trying to steer into a tight mooring and feed a line round a mooring loop at the same time? Well we have the answer for you:

    As you can see from the video shown above. MooR FasT® threads a rope through a buoy ring or marina cleat up to 2 metres away from the safety of your deck and brings it back on board. The unique MooR FasT® “Claw” will even scoop up rings and shackles that lie flat.

    MooR FasT’s simple push-pull action makes it easy to use on buoys, in marinas, pile moorings and in locks - in fact almost anywhere you need to moor.

    MooR FasT® is a complete, ready-to-use mooring system. Manufactured from hi-tech materials and built to last in a marine environment, the design has been carefully researched and tested by boat owners worldwide.

    The MooR FasT® head has a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal mooring use.

  • You have to see it to believe it! Brilliant images from the new Raymarine Dragonfly

    C Couzin - le bananier

    With the weather being so poor here on Saturday and a lack of customers braving the rain it gave us the opportunity to pop onto the Raymarine website and learn a bit more about Dragonfly their combined fish finder and plotter that has been getting rave reviews! The competition they have been running since the Dragonfly was introduced has produced some stunning images of almost photograph quality! and if you win they will give you the money you spent on the unit! Click here for more images.. or .. Here for more details on how to enter.

    Meanwhile Lowrance have just introduced the Elite 5 HDI  can be purchased as  either a fishfinder, fish finder and chart plotter or chart plotter, feature include Hybrid dual scan imaging! See the video below...

    Need installation? Try us for a quote if you are within sensible traveling distance (0191) 2661037


  • Victoria's Secret(s)

    P1050242One of my staff was cleaning and refreshing the teak decks of Victoria, a rather nice 11 year old Halberg Rassey the other day, incidentally he was getting great results from Teak Wonder & Brightener. Young Rob as against 'old' Rob (me) had started his cleaning at the bow and worked his way down the side decks into the cockpit, had as the instructions said washed down the teak surfaces before applying the cleaner and at that point decided to clean out the channel between the locker and the cockpit seats, lifted the lid and was greeted with this. To me it looks as though the outlet hole had at some stage been blocked and the locker had filled up with water. Our suggestion(s) to the rather embarrassed owner (apart from replacing the gas bottles) was to sit the replacements on a couple of the Blue Performance gas cylinder tray to avoid any rust stain transfer from the bottles. Replace the gas hose (past its sell by date) at the same time install one of those excellent Bubble Gas Leak Detector in the locker and if you don't have a detector down below consider fitting one of the following that we stock either the NASA, BEP or the Pilot!

  • Up C..p Creek Without A Skin Fitting...



    Had a guy in the chandlery yesterday asking for a replacement skin fitting for his newly acquired 20 foot Orkney fast fisher 'type', Clare who was serving him noticed that there was a some antifouling on the outside of the broken fitting and under further questioning was told that the fitting that had failed was literally on the waterline. Had it failed out at sea it would have been a case of all hands to the pumps! The problem of course is that this was the bilge pump outlet! Any skin fitting near the waterline or under should be at least brass, preferable bronze and of course every hose tail connection should always be double clipped with stainless jubilee clips! It is a sensible precaution to always carry a bucket on board, no matter how small your craft is, as an emergency bailer it may save your craft or your life. Space at a premium? We sell an excellent Wacky Practicals collapsible bucket, apparently it makes a great emergency toilet also according to one of our customers but that's for another blog.

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