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  • Sting in the tail for Dimbleby


    Not only is poor old David Dimbleby the talk of the boating crowd, for not wearing a crutch strap on his lifejacket nor making sure his crew did likewise in his ‘Britain and the Sea’ series (part two of the series shown last Sunday).  But now we learn thru the papers that the Scorpion that he had tatted on his shoulder in the first program was not quite legless but  missing a pair of legs!

    When asked if there was such a thing as a six-legged scorpion, an expert at London Zoo's invertebrates section told the BBC News website that while there were always exceptions in the animal kingdom - "there are birds that don't fly" - he was unaware of any six-legged scorpions.

    Alert staff member Clare did also make the comment ‘that considering the sea state when some of the filming was taking place they should have all been clipped on with safety lines!  Me, I prefer the Spinlock elasticated with the cow tail, not the Scorpions foot... boom boom!





  • Galling - Tips on caring for and protecting your rigging this winter

    Galling is the term used when two surfaces in contact seize up as a result of cold welding. The problem (also known as adhesive wear) is most common in materials such as stainless steel and we come across it occasionally in a stainless rigging screw body* and the stainless stud or fork. To help prevent galling make sure that the two surfaces are clean free from any contamination and my recommendation is a lubricant either Lanocote or Selden Rigging screw oil. Incidentally when mooching round our local boatyard earlier this year I came across these very simple homemade covers for protecting the threads and keeping them clean Some skippers of course leave their mast up when lifting out, me, I prefer my mast to be down and then you get the chance to check everything out, rigging, nav lights, mast head equipment and of course all the fastenings used to hold the fittings in place.

    * most good turnbuckles these days either have a chrome plated phosphor bronze body, or if the body is stainless there is a bronze threaded insert both ends

  • Dimbleby Deserves a Rocket... No lifejacket crutch straps fitted!?

    David_Dimbleby_2735949bSat down on Sunday night after the MO activities at the St Peters winter series on the Tyne to watch ‘Britain and the Sea’ presented by veteran presenter David Dimbleby in which he ‘explores Britain’s maritime culture’ in the first of a four part series on BBC One. David was sailing his gaffer ROCKET which is a Heard 28 design, during his first voyage he is helped by the ‘paid hand’ who helps look after and maintain the boat and Josh and Eliza. One hopes in the next episode that David and the crew will have all fitted to their lifejackets crutch straps as lifejackets are in my opinion almost a waste of space unless the strap is worn and that at the least he will be taking on board some Boarding Ring glasses or a seasickness and travel sickness Relief Band for poor old Josh and Eliza!

  • MO's On The Tyne - St. Peters Winter Series supports Storrar Marine Chandlery in aid of Movember

    Mo's On The Tyne

    Where else would you see a bearded lady(s), correction attractive young fillies with MO's? Well, there they were, flashing their facial hair, the crew members on Buddy, Colin Davidson's sports boat and Athol’s MR Big. Not only was competition fierce but the competition to win the prizes on offer for the best Mo's was cut throat and that was before they shave them off!

    Anyway, almost two hundred pounds was raised to add to the Storrar MOrine Chandlery team coffers. Grateful thanks to all those who entered into the spirit of the day and those companies that helped by donating prizes, in no particular order: St Peters Marina, Seago, Orca Bay, Gill, Musto and Gul


    • Best MOteam, by a close shave, were the guys on Mr. Big
    • Best MOsportsboat, by a whisker, the team on Wild Reiver
    • Best MOfemale crew, by a hair's breadth, Anne Ainsworth
    • Best MOmale, by a mature mustache, Bob Baird
    • Best MOrib crew, by a natural look, Nick Thwaites
    • Best MOspectator, by a short hair, Lorraine Thwaites
    • Best MOrace Officer, by the real mccoy Tony Ainsworth

    Next weekend the MOSailing MOstorrar mustachioed mystros movement moves to (RMOYC) at Blyth, MOrthumberland where we hope beyond hope that we can raise even more MOsh,

    PS there will be MOre great prizes on offer from the likes of Spinlock, Dubarry, Marathon, Gul and Harken

    If you're interested in our progress heres a link to out Movember Team Page


  • Life Saver ... 15 Year Old School Boy Rescued Using Kannad Marine’s SafeLink SOLO PLB

    Picture 7

    Kannad Marine’s SafeLink SOLO PLB helped save the life of a British Boy from the mountainside of Mount Taranaki in New Zealand after his expedition leader activated the beacon. The 15 year old school boy was on a training expedition on the west coast of New Zealand's north island with World Challenge Expeditions when he fell and injured his hip. After the PLB had been activated, it alerted emergency services in Falmouth, over 11,000 miles away where the device had been registered, by using the global 406MHz search and rescue satellite communication system, COSPAS SARSAT.

    Since its launch we have seen a number sold not only to sailors (especially single handed guys) but to canoeists and walkers who want a ‘get out clause’ if they run into trouble should there be no mobile phone coverage. If you sail with others and your boats navigation includes an AIS the Safelink R10 AIS SRS is a great bit of kit to carry on your person, fitted to your lifejacket or carried in your foulies pocket. At just under £200-00 each they do make an expensive stocking filler, but you never know one day you may find one saving your life!

  • A Nice Glow...

    A nice glow radiated from the RNYC's bonfire last week, topping the fire was a guy designed and lovingly created by an extremely talented 'person' (was going to say guy, get it?) Mike Swann. He was the winner of the competition to design and build the poor creature in a competition sponsored by our goodselves and Taffy Thomas of Seago, Mike is now the proud owner of a superb pair of Seago binoculars, incidentally these binocs are great value for money, feature a range finder, compass and a magnification of 7 x 50 & dare I say they would make a brilliant Chrissie present!


  • Why wait 'til spring?

    Winter weather December 6th

    Remember last spring? You may say what spring, and certainly in the North earlier this year it was a touch of the brass monkey weather for months and months! To help you get max boating days next year when the weather finally breaks why not do your antifouling this side of Christmas? Local company International Paints (incidentally who’s Felling production factory is just opposite our turning mark at our St Peters winter series sailed on the Tyne) advise that if you applied one of their antifouling paints in November or December you will have no worries as to the effectiveness of the paints properties.

    The guys at Felling advise us...

    The maximum launch times for the following products allow them to be applied in November/December and then launched in spring:

    All of our products such as Cruiser Uno, Interspeed Ultra 2 can be applied in autumn, but just before launch on the spring, will require a low pressure fresh water wasah or light rub down with a sponge to remove any surface contamination.



  • Allo allo allo...

    We had this cute looking police dog in the shop yesterday afternoon and is pictured here after being fitted up with the correct size Crewsaver Petfloat. Tyne is one of three fox red labradors trained by Northumbria Police Dogs Unit for 'Body and Blood' location. Their job involves a variety of tasks such as, locating blood droplets and residue at crime scenes where evidence may be difficult to see or may have been wiped away. These three dogs are often in and on the water during exercises and even though they are great swimmers they can be working in hazardous conditions, fast flowing tides, surf etc (hence the 'lifejacket'). From what we gather, their senses are acutely trained to enable them to search for bodies under the surface of the water. Not just a pretty face! The Crewsaver Petfloat is suitable for most breeds of dogs and cats, is easily adjusted and quick to fit. It comes with integral dual lifting handles and ring for lead or tether attachment. Sizes run from x/small to x/large.


  • Granny's Knickers...

    Ever had trouble with battens that fly out the sail on a windy day? Back in the good old days when we built sails the 'old fashioned way', ie drew the shape out on the floor and then covered the triangle with cloth, glued then sewed it up and then added reinforcements to the tack,clew and head. The majority of sail makers relied on elastic on the inboard end of the batten pocket to keep the batten(s) in. These days we use Velcro to do the necessary and they NEVER fly out, anyway to get back to knicker elastic, when checking a sail out in the loft yesterday my number one seamstress reported that this particular main had indeed got granny's best elastic in each of the pockets. Any elasticity/tension had long disappeared and yes according to the skipper who had bought the boat a couple of years ago he had lost more than his fair share of battens since he took over the ownership. If you cannot get the sail to us for repair, use whipping twine to sew the battens in as a stop gap measure. Worth keeping in your onboard tool kit is at least a palm, needles and whipping twine, venturing further afield a sailmakers repair kit and a Speedystitcher.

    Granny's Knicker Elastic?
  • Hempel Paint Manual

    Hempel Paint Manual

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