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  • Why Buy Dubarry?

  • SEASONAL BASH GONE BAD. Better Check Your Mooring Lines and Fenders.

    Was down at our local marina just after the height of the storm the other day and apart from the remains of a furling genoa flapping sadly in the breeze, I did see a few Mooring Lines and Fenders that were definitely past their ‘use by date’.

    If you are not using your boat during the winter, my recommendation is to strip all the ‘canvas’ work off to reduce windage and wear and tear, however if you are sneaking in the occasional sail, consider investing in a container of  Wet & Forget. It is a great treatment that will prevent sails/canopies etc ‘turning green'. Incidentally, it can also be used on teak decks, fiberglass etc as well as on your patio at home!

    Fenders with exposure to UV will, over time, lose their elasticity. That combined with a low temperature can give rise to failure just when you need them most, so make sure the best of the bunch are taking the most load.

    Lines are, of course, subject to chafe. Consider using chain round the pontoon berth cleat, a spring shock absorber and then make sure that your warps are protected from chafe at the ‘boat end’ by using something like the Spiroll Chafe Protectors.

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  • Garmin proprietary cards are being phased out

    GarminPropGarmin proprietary cards are being phased out and will be discontinued effectively 31 December 2014 or when inventory is depleted, whichever comes first.  Affected products include BlueChart® g2 and blank Garmin proprietary cards.  Details are listed below.  Please plan to make final purchases accordingly.

    Compatible Devices include:  GPSMAP® 192, 198, 276C, 278, 292, 298, 376C, 378, 392, 398, 478, 492, 496, 498, 2100 series, 2200 series, and 3000 series devices

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  BlueChart g2 microSD™/SD™ format cards are not affected and will still be available for purchase as usual.

  • Flying off the shelves? 'Wet and Forget' will be soon!

    As usual we lead and the crowd follows, this is another excellent product that will be in stock before the end of this month (in time for ‘working off the turkey’ if you’re so inclined) 'Wet and Forget'. As a sail maker I first came across this product when our trade partners 'Tip Top Sail Laundry' (the guys who do such a good job of washing all our sails and covers) were asked by the owners representative of Mirabella V if they would coat the mainsail after washing it, incidentally its 1200 sq m! It is also great product for keeping your winter cover, sprayhood or stack pack free from mould and mildew. Works well in keeping your teak decks clear from  green slime, lichen and mould and works just as well on other surfaces such as glassfibre, metal and paintwork. Around the house and at the work place you can use it for the safe removal of moss from roofs, pathways etc etc. 'Wet and Forget' will not damage the surface as you do not have to use a pressure washer nor scrubbing brush. Apparently it’s has been used with great success to clean the Sydney Opera House and because its so safe and effective its used in sensitive location like Sea World.

  • Now You See It, Now You Don't : Barton's New Removable Mainsheet Track Assembly.



    If you are like me, don’t have a large cockpit and are fed up with having to step over your mainsheet assembly why not consider, this winter, fitting one of the Barton removable mainsheet assembly’s to your yacht?

    Barton Marine's New Removable Mainsheet Assembly Barton Marine's Removable Mainsheet Assembly

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