Saved The Day... Sea Searcher Success

Young Grace Metcalfe, skipper of the James Cook the Ocean Trust North East's 70ft ketch was in a pickle last Saturday. She rang us up to ask 'have we got one of those magnets that people use if their keys have gone overboard"? A very distraught Grace had managed to drop (slipped out of her hoodie pocket) her bunch of keys into the murky waters of the Royal Quays Marina. On the bunch yes, you have guessed car keys, house keys, roof rack lock and of course the boat keys. One of the crew were dispatched with haste to purchase said item the Sea Searcher Recovery Magnet, an hour later we were informed that recovery had taken place, apparently it had taken less than five minutes to bring the keys back to the surface! If you have keys and are near water maybe consider a Waterbuoy and if your car key is electronic (most are these days and cost a fortune) pop it into a Aquapac Keymaster and again attach a floating cork or Waterbuoy self inflating key ring.

Car Keys Retrieved Using a Sea Searcher Magnet
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