Sting in the tail for Dimbleby


Not only is poor old David Dimbleby the talk of the boating crowd, for not wearing a crutch strap on his lifejacket nor making sure his crew did likewise in his ‘Britain and the Sea’ series (part two of the series shown last Sunday).  But now we learn thru the papers that the Scorpion that he had tatted on his shoulder in the first program was not quite legless but  missing a pair of legs!

When asked if there was such a thing as a six-legged scorpion, an expert at London Zoo's invertebrates section told the BBC News website that while there were always exceptions in the animal kingdom - "there are birds that don't fly" - he was unaware of any six-legged scorpions.

Alert staff member Clare did also make the comment ‘that considering the sea state when some of the filming was taking place they should have all been clipped on with safety lines!  Me, I prefer the Spinlock elasticated with the cow tail, not the Scorpions foot... boom boom!





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