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  • The Railway Man... Stanchions, Stanchion bases, Rigging Screws & Shackles


    Jenny and yours truly were a couple of disappointed film buffs after viewing ‘All is Lost’ at our local flea pit the other week. Avid readers of the blog posted on the subject will no doubt read of my displeasure at the lack of technical accuracy in the film. However not being an anorak I therefore looked forward to watching ‘The Railway Man’ starring Colin Firth & Nicola Kidman. Fast forward and I can report that we both ‘enjoyed’ the film. If that is the word to use cos at times a little bit harrowing! Some great acting and then to my amusement (as the film was set in the 80’s)  the camera pans across Royal Border bridge that carries the railway across the River Tweed and guess what, on view (admittedly from a distance and only picked up by a sad person like me), the stainless steel stanchions, bases and rigging screws which we supplied in 2007!

    This week we're off to see Gravity on the recommendation of Clare, the young lady who posts my blogs on our site, surely there will be nothing to whine about this time as folks I am not a trekkie!

  • ALL IS LOST, maybe not if he had been carrying an EPIRB!

    Picture 25Watching films when you know a little about the subject (whether you guys agree with that statement is another matter) does not mean you will enjoy it! The other night Jenny and I went to see ‘All IS LOST’ the new Robert Redford film for which he has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, in it he plays a lone sailor who’s yacht hits a steel container on a very calm Indian Ocean in virtually no wind. The yacht is holed, eventually sinks and Redford takes to the liferaft, I appreciate there has to be drama however surely he should have been carrying at the very least an EPIRB that gets smashed as the boat hits the container, his hand held VHF could have been washed  out of his grip and if he is repairing a hole in the topsides of his yacht maybe he should have considered working from the waterline upwards, I could go on and on but will only get crosser! Methinks also if he had invested in a Storm Bag from he could have spent less time on the foredeck as he wasn’t wearing a lifejacket nor clipped onto a safety line, as for American liferafts, only two red pinpoint and two red para?!

    This week we are off to see the ‘The Railway Man’, starring Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman & Jeremy Irvine in Eric Lomax true story, fortunately I have never been an anorak, so no problem!



  • Jenny's Pies Demonstrate How Silent Can Be Deadly - Carbon Monoxide Detector


    Silent and deadly

    Sadly Jenny's mince pies were not consumed with gusto on Christmas Day. Why? Because we forgot they were 'cooking' in the Aga! Unlike a normal oven where the cooking or burning smell ends up in the kitchen, with the Aga it goes up the chimney, however. I digress. Yesterday I had a guy in the chandlery who was intending to do a circumnavigation of the British Isles this coming summer. We were talking safety equipment PLB's, EPIRB's etc and then he told me he had a generator on board that he intended to use when at anchor. My question to him ... 'Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?' Carbon Monoxide as you know is the silent killer and certainly its sensible to fit a detector. You can find more information on CO at

    We also discussed fire extinguishers, I noted that there was not an automatic one in the engine compartment, only an extinguisher port to fire his 'handy' dry powder one thru. Dry powder is great on electrical fires however if the engine is still running and the powder is sucked in via the air intake it can result in severe damage. It is a Halon replacement extinguisher that is used in such scenarios and is fired automatically when the compartment temperature reaches critical level. If you would like more information on fire safety we have an excellent free booklet in-store. Alternatively you can visit As for the pies, a timer was purchased at the great expense of £3-45 and I am please to say the second batch were delicious.

  • Updates for Navionics Gold charts

    Navionics have announced they will not update Gold charts after January 15th. After that, updates will only be available by purchasing the Navionics Update card. Platinum charts are not affected.

    Send in your Gold charts now for updating!

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