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  • They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There, Boarding Ring Glasses We Send Them Everywhere

    They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There, Boarding Ring Glasses We Send Them Everywhere...


    In the last five days four pair to the States, some down under to Australia, across to Denmark, by the time we have clocked out tonight these great Anti Motion Sickness boarding ring glasses will be winging their way to all four corners of the continent as well as the rest of the world! My wife swears by them, but then she swears at me all the time, Jenny has used them on the boat with success, she can now tolerate me driving thru the twist and turns of the Gomerian Mountains! So far its the oldies that have been enjoying  the benefits of Boarding Ring glasses on the water, hopefully if my cunning plan comes to fruition we should have the kids ones in stock mid March, just in time for the start of the season!

  • SEABUNG - ‘Oi’l give it foive’

    SEABUNG - ‘Oi’l give it foive’


    After forty odd years in the marine trade you think you have seen it all, however when shown a Seabung the other day I thought what a brilliant product, so simple so effective, why didn’t I think of it! SEABUNG can be used to replace/unblock a damaged seacock whilst afloat thus saving expensive slipping or hoist charges, can also be used to stem the flow on damaged hulls! Seabung is sold in a pack that contains a 60 and 90mm bung, its suitable for the majority of skin fittings to be found on even quite large boats. As Janice Nicholls that brummy teenager said on 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', all those years ago ‘Oi’l give it foive’

  • Lowrance Elite/Mark HDI Range Now AIS Compatible

    Lowrance has released a new software update for the Elite 5 HDI and Elite 7 HDI range which adds in the ability to display AIS information from a NMEA 0183 source. The AIS information is displayed on the chart allowing users to see if the target is moving or stationary. Users can also select vessels and review their data. The new software is available to download now at the links below. Elite 7 HDI SW3.0 Elite 5 HDI SW2.0 The new Elite 4HDI and Mark 4 HDI series will also be AIS compatible via NMEA 0183. No update required.

  • New halyards using the Wichard Thimble shackles

    Haly1Our rigging department just made up a set of new main and genoa halyards using 10mm Cruising Dyneema with Wichard thimble shackles and a spinnaker halyard in 10mm braid on braid with a Wichard thimble swivel snap. They look the business and we'd recommend them!

  • Faithful Friend(s) - Musto GoreTex Mid Layer


    No, I'm not talking about my co-director Andy Burgess (although he does put the hours in and works bloody hard) but the scruffy jackets we are both 'modelling'. These Musto Gortex mid layer jackets, like me, are showing their age. Mine is over ten years old and Andy's is only very slightly younger. These days the jacket is only available in the 'Carbon' colour but the performance is just as good as the originals. Over the last ten years, wearing this jacket to protect me from the elements, I have probably climbed 300 odd masts, measured sails, fitted canopies and sprayhoods in all sorts of weather, sailed the North Sea, almost circumnavigated the Canary Isles and raced in many a winter series. Often accompanied by my Musto GoreTex mid layer salopettes the system has never once let me down. These days the jacket has so many marks from dirty masts that it never looks clean however Grangers 2 in1 is used to great effect every three months getting most of the grime off and revitalises its water repellency. As for Andy's, i'm not sure if it's the jacket or the talent of skipper Tony but wearing it has helped them win more than their fair share of the River Tyne winter series! Underneath the mid layer, Andy’s secret ... Gill base layer. Me, I stick with my Mustos

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