23. Top Tips Tuesday - Shurhold Detailing Brush - The Shurhold Detailing Brush, perfect for cleaning those hard to reach areas . . .


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My new build which is taking three more years that I had thought to complete is called Hindsight, nuff said! Sadly the exterior of Hindsight does get gets a little bit neglected during our busy season so by the time the spring and early summer rush dies down she does need more than a little bit of TLC to bring her back up to scratch. Cleaning the deck is relatively easy, I use Starbrite Non Slip Deck Cleaner and that gets most of the dirt off, however it's those hard to get to areas where the Shurhold Detailing Brush comes into its own. It's of medium stiffness, it quickly removes grease and grime and is ideal for trim, mouldings, teak and much more.


Shurhold Detailing Brush
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