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  • 94. Top Tips Tuesday - Boarding Ring Glasses Are Back - Anti Motion Sea Sickness Tips

    Gill Sense Bifocal Sunglasses

    Sitting by the pool at our hotel on Gomera, one of the smallest of the Canary Islands, I was wearing my Gill Sense Bifocal sunglasses (in my opinion a cracking bit of kit) cool beer to hand, and for once not reading a boating mag, the tranquility of the moment broken by the ping of Jenny's iPad. “It's a work one for you dear.” There was incidentally an emphasis on the dear! Message from the boss read, 'Boarding Ring Anti Motion Sea Sickness Glasses will once again be available and just in time for Christmas.' Well that is good news as we used to sell loads of them, not just to yachties, fishermen and power boaters, but to air hostesses and of course those poor folks who suffer from car sickness, including my dear long suffering wife! After reading the email out loud to Jenny she said, “Well, that's another fail isn't it?” My own pair of Boarding Ring Glasses are sitting at home (we had hired a car to go into the mountains tomorrow) along of course with all my underpants! However, that's another story!

    Boarding Ring Anti Motion/Sea Sickness Glasses -

    Oops almost forgot, it's that holiday mode kicking in, Boarding Ring Glasses are also made in a child's size and are also in stock!

    Children's Boarding Ring Anti Motion/Sea Sickness Glasses -
  • 93. Top Tips Tuesday - Your Boxing Day Escape? - Fresh Water System Maintenance

    Fresh Water System Maintenance Tips

    Fresh Water System Maintenance Tips -

    Earlier this year I wrote about the fact that I never accept a cuppa from the skipper or mate of the craft I am working on... fear of getting a dickey stomach due to poor drinking water quality! Well we all know how important it is to sterilise your tanks, however for this coming season why not treat yourself to replacement drinking water hose. If you're sick of cold turkey and great aunt Betty, why not slip away to redo the water pipes and you never know I might accept a cuppa!  We now stock and sell Hytrel Aquavend Hose which will not support microbiological  growth. This hose has for some years been used in Vending and Water Softeners Machines etc with excellent results, however even though you change your hose we would strongly recommend that as part of your regular ‘start of season maintenance programme’, you flush your tank out with the likes of Puriclean and make sure you change your Jabsco or Whale Water filter!

    Hytrel Aquavend Hose - Fresh Water System Maintenance Tips
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  • 92. Top Tips Tuesday - Bilgex - The Return Of A Faithful Friend

    Bilgex is back!

    Some months ago our supply of 1 litre containers of Bilgex ‘dried up’, however I am delighted to note that once again supplies are available. In my opinion, it is one of the best if not the best bilge cleaner because it rapidly emulsifies petrol, oil and grease in the bilge, dispels sickening odours and of course is biodegradable. It’s also great for removing grease and oil from your paintwork and if some grease gets onto your sailcloth use Bilgex to clean it off however make sure to rinse thoroughly afterwards. Incidentally it’s the bee's knees for removing traffic film from cars, so you can justify its purchase on the household budget as against depleting the boat fund.

    Whilst we are talking bilges, when was the last time you inspected the diaphragm in your emergency manual bilge pump? Out of curiosity I rang those awfully nice folks over in Bangor at Whale pumps and asked them if they had a recommendation as to when they should be changed. Their response was that they didn’t have a specific time scale however they suggested one should examine the diaphragm for signs of cracks in the rubber on a regular basis, especially if it is in the cockpit and exposed to UV.  If the diaphragm is manufactured from Neoprene as against Nitrile and at some stage diesel has got into the bilge and has been pumped out via the bilge pump into a container, change it and any other neoprene components without hesitation as the fuel will rot the neoprene if it hasn’t already done so. Incidentally you can get Nitrile service kits if your engine is prone to depositing diesel in the bilges. Nitrile service kits are available for the Whale Gusher 10Titan and Urchin as well as the Henderson Chimp Mk I and Mk II.

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