80. Top Tips Tuesday - A Faithful Friend At Less Than Half The Price

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February the 14th 2014 I blogged about my amazing long suffering Musto Gortex mid layer jacket and salopettes that had given me awesome sterling service over a great number of years. Well the bad news is that they are changing the lining and apparently, according to my business partner Andy, improving on perfection! The good news is that we have managed to secure a quantity of the 'old style' salopettes and are selling them off at 1/2 their recommended retail price, now only £149.95! As can be seen from the image below, Andy wears them with confidence knowing that they will keep him warm and dry and should the weather turn nasty, heaven forbid that happening in the North East, they are perfect under foulies. As for me if its climbing a mast in the glorious North East weather, walking the dog on Tynemouth beach or wearing them continuously for three nights whilst being chased by hurricane Bertha across the North Sea last year they have never let me down! The originals were red, they went to grey many years ago, maybe it's time both Andy and I went from a faded pink to grey!



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