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  • 98. Top Tips Tuesday - MagicEzy - Fix Hairline Cracks and Chips in Gelcoat

    98. Top Tips Tuesday - MagicEzy - Fix Hairline Cracks and Chips in Gelcoat

    Some years ago Jenny and I purchased hull and deck mouldings for a Hunter Channel 31. The build quality was excellent however nine months down the line we noticed in the corner of the cockpit some very fine stress cracks. On querying this with Hunters we were told that would have been caused by relatively new moulds and due to a lack of flexibility when our cockpit was 'sprung' the gelcoat cracked in one particular area and we only noticed it due to contamination (airborne dirt) which had worked its way into these fine cracks. We did eventually get it sorted but it took a very skilled operator to get rid of the damage. Unfortunately MagiEasy HAIRLINE FIX had not reached the market when we came to carry out this particular exercise!

    P1070448     Stress Cracks In Fibreglass

    Last season saw the introduction to the UK marine market of MagiEasy HAIRLINE FIX and 9 SECOND CHIP FIX as well as their powerful Primer Sealant MEGA FUSION. Imported in from Australia they have without a doubt been one of our best selling products in 2015. They are easy to use, there is no mixing involved, except for colour matching if required, however surface preparation is important. The crack should be cleaned out using a pin or toothbrush then washed with dishwashing detergent and rinsed clean. You can use a hairdryer to accelerate the drying process. Hairline Fix would of course be perfect for those tiny stress cracks and 9 second Chip Fix would, I am sure, have been the way to tackle the 'chip' caused by a screwdriver falling out of a bosuns chair 40 foot up and of course hitting the deck point first!

  • 97. Top Tips Tuesday - Caught On The Hop - Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

    Ice On The Water - Royal Quays - Newcastle

    Were you caught on the hop with that cold snap this past weekend? Did you realise that despite draining down your boat's fresh water system you could still be in trouble if the small amount of fresh water left in your taps, shower head, water pressure pump or fresh water filter freezes? Freezeban is the correct product to use that enables you to rest assured if the temperature drops below freezing. Thermostatically controlled tube heaters which are very economical to run are ideal for keeping the engine bay or cabin at a warmer temperature, available in a range of sizes to suit your particular needs and if 'onboard' moisture is an issue the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier is worth considering, with a pedigree which includes 'Best Buy' Sailing Today & 'Best On Test' Practical Boat Owner. It is in our opinion the only one to go for as it has the ability to perform right down to 0 degrees. If this week's forecast is correct and later in the week we are going to get more rain, if you haven't already done so, consider spraying the deck, cabin sides, any canvas work and rope that are left on during the winter months with some Wet & Forget. This brilliant product (read the product reviews on our site) will keep the green mould at bay with absolutely no hard work! If your boat is already tinted green no worries, spray on leave and let nature do the work!

    Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.04.17


    Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

  • 96. Top Tips Tuesday - Be Seen In The Water - Lifejacket Lights

    Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 13.23.56

    Last week I wrote about some excellent value, good quality LED navigation lights that we are importing from Holland. The response to the blog was excellent, so much so that we 'sold out', however, the good news is we have another large order crossing the North Sea in the near future.

    Writing about being seen in the water, however, have you done everything possible (if the unthinkable happens) and you have to be spotted whilst you’re in the briny? Worry not as further help is at hand. Those clever guys at Spinlock who raised the bar when they introduced the pylon lifejacket light to the marine market four years ago, have raised it a bit further with the introduction of the Lume-on Light at the back end of 2015.

    It's easy to fit to any lifejacket which has a separate bladder, the two water activated self adhesive flashing LED lights can be fitted in seconds (see video below) and by using  the inflated bladder as a diffuser the visibility of the light is greatly increased however please be aware that it is not a stand alone lifejacket light, it is to be used in addition.

    We all hope we never have to be in that situation but if we are, we do want to be seen!

    Incidentally now is the time to check out your lifejacket(s) before the fitting out season kicks in, check the auto rearm is in date,  inflate the jacket to check for sign of a leak etc. Further information can be found in this useful RNLI Guide (Page 22) and don't forget we do carry a full range of lifejacket spares.

  • 95. Top Tips Tuesday - Think LED Navigation Lights Cost The Earth? Think Again!


    Yesterday we (on the North East coast) were suffering driving rain, strong winds and very poor visibility and as Jenny and I were walking the dog along the promenade between the fish quay and Collingwoods monument in the early afternoon, those splendid guys in the Tynemouth lifeboat came down the estuary closely followed by their small inflatable. I assume they were on some kind of exercise as the sea state was horrendous and they didn't venture past the No 1 navigation buoy. This morning I repeated the walk as I had to drop my van of for a new hand brake cable and a replacement headlight and was thinking about Tuesday Top Tips and what I should spout on about. Thinking back to yesterday and only just picking out the lifeboat in the gloom despite its high viz orange topsides, it makes you realise how important it is to have reliable lights both on our boats and also on our wheels - the van incidentally seems to eat a headlight bulb every six months! Incidentally lenses on navigation lights do deteterioate through exposure to UV and salt, you should see the 'black' museum in the chandlery!


    If getting your boat’s onboard power consumption down this year and being seen were two of your New Year’s resolutions please note that Andy has sourced some Dutch well made “series 25” style LED navigation lights at a very very competitive retail price, reliable yes with a rated bulb life of 50,000 hours, a strong polycarbonate case and a stainless steel backplate however when 'doing' the terminal connection don't forget to coat the terminals with something like Boeshield!

    LED Navigation Lights


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