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  • 110. Top Tips Tuesday - T-Rex Tape - Ferociously Strong Temporary Repairs

    Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 09.51.35

    I don’t know if its a sign of my advancing years but I am sure that the Gaffa Tape of 30 years ago was an awful lot better than even the well known brand(s) that are sold in the UK these days. It seems that within six months, often less, of application the UV has got to it and its hanging off, leaving a hard to remove sticky mess (but that’s another story).


    T-Rex ‘ferociously strong tape’ with its aggressive double-thick adhesive, heavy weight cloth and durable skin works longer and holds stronger. As they say on the packet T-Rex tape has 4X the staying power, its 3X stronger and its  2X the bite of standard duct tapes. I used the sample the importers sent be to make a temporary repair on a temporary hatch cover nine months ago and its still going strong whilst the standard duct tape has failed on a number of occasions! Use T-Rex tape for repairs to canopy windows, for cover repairs, temporary sail repairs, damage control should you hole your boat above the waterline, use it to seal leaking windows, the uses for this tape are endless!


    As for the ‘other story’, if you are faced with a sticky residue the product that we use to clear up the mess is 3M citrus cleaner, it’s never let us down yet!

  • 109. Top Tips Tuesday - Time To Update Electronic Charts


    It’s not very often that I am lost for words, or unable to sit down and jot down a few Top Tips lines on a Sunday night , however without the benefit of a glass or two of port on an evening it does become just a little bit harder and sadly Sunday night was taken up by applying 3 coats of SP Gurit Eposeal to my new cabin table! The subject matter for Tuesday’s Top Tips was, however, solved for me this Monday morning when first thing I had to sign for seven registered envelopes, the contents when opened..... electronic charts requiring updating!

    As far as I am aware, there is no hard and fast rule on updating electronic charts, but just out of curiosity I brought up on my computer (see image above) the recently releasd (March 2016 to be precise) latest electronic Cmap of the UK & Ireland and in particular, the area just south of Tees Bay where there is, I know, a new wind farm development which is displayed. Right click on the cartographic information box and you will see that the date of this particular navigation hazard is 22 December 2015.



    By updating your electronic chart you are, of course, being kept up to date on any changes and you are saving approximately 50% on the cost of new. If you were looking for a change of scenery i.e. different cruising area you can have your chart updated to that area at a similar saving.

    If however you are after a new Navionics Platinum Plus chart there is a very attractive offer on at the moment, but hurry the offer closes 28th of April 2016.

    Unsure of what update or chart you need? Use our compatibility guides or call us on +44(0)191 646 1000, we're always happy to help. Below are a couple of images to help you identify the type of card you have and also the date it was last updated.

  • 108. Top Tips Tuesday - Boarding Ring Glasses - The Best Medicine Free Remedy For All Types Of Motion Sickness


    ‘We was gutted’ (as some footballers might say) when we found out to our dismay over a year ago that supplies of the excellent remedy for motion sickness Boarding Ring Glasses had 'dried up'. Prior to then we had been selling them by the bucket full if you pardon the pun! We sold them initially as a medicine free answer to the age old curse of seasickness , however as their 'fame' spread we were selling them world wide to all those poor guys who suffer from any form of motion sickness. Recipients included an American airline, a famous rally driver's navigator, guys setting off on the Arc, round the world adventurers, skippers of charter boats, sailing schools and loads of inshore anglers and of course there is my wife who assures me it's not my driving style that sets her off, she swears by them as well as using them when sailing!

    The good news is that at long last we have them back in stock and available in a child sizeas well as adults, as one happy Boarding Ring User wrote to an Angling publication and I quote "I look pretty mad- but who cares – I’m fishing and not puking."


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