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  • 136. Top Tips Tuesday - S T R E T C H your laying up days with Flood It

    Flood It LED Lamp lighting up the deck

    Yesterday I spent the best part of the day working on the Mystery down at the RNYC, weather wise it was a  grim day with a strong bitterly cold North Easterly, frequent rain squalls and as luck may have it I was working on deck positioning and fastening down Schaefer deck organisers so was glad of my Gill base layer and my ever faithful Musto Gortex mid layer salopettes and jacket as protection against the biting wind and the driving rain! I was, I must confess, glad when the gathering gloom helped me decide to call it a day!

    Next week, of course, the clocks go back so time working outdoors will be limited however if you want to extend your working day, why not invest in one of the excellent Flood IT cordless rechargeable LED floodlights. We started using them at work over a year ago; found them brilliant. Not only are they great for outdoor illumination but the smaller model is perfect for lighting those hard to access areas which need attention. Decided to put them on our website, the rest is history!

    Fitting out a new boat from scratch and having sold all the ‘old’ equipment when our Hunter Channel was sold in the Canaries, did give us the opportunity to upgrade the contents, both fixed and portable such as LED anchor/tri and cabin  lights, more efficient fridge for the Greek climate so we went for the Isotherm Classic self pumping unit as against a air cooled unit etc. However I digress, as everyone knows you can never have enough ‘torches’ on board the hand held spotlight that gets the nod from me is the rechargeable 3watt spotlight, it’s weatherproof, has an output of 140 lumens and comes with a 240 and 12 Volt adaptor. As can be seen from the second of my snaps it’s an excellent bit of kit, be it spotting mooring buoys, lobster pots, illuminating sails and hopefully never a man overboard!

    Again, Flood It LED lamp lighting up the deck, this time from a different angle
  • 134 & 135 Top Tips Tuesday - Laying Up For Winter 2016

    It's that time of year again when we pull together our joint experience and expertise to offer you 'Top Tips' and 'Essentials' for laying your boat up for the winter. Below are the links to this years series of articles and offers.

  • 133. Top Tips Tuesday - Greens Are Good For Your But Not On Your Boat!

    Wet & Forget 'before and after' picture. On the left a pontoon covered in green algae before the application of Wet & Forget. On the right an image of the same pontoon after Wet & Forget has done its work. The pontoon is now cleared of algae.

    I've just got back from my summer holiday so yesterday afternoon went down to a check our boat out at my local club. I happened to notice that already the sun is not reaching all of the surfaces it would normally touch during the summer months. This means that fairly soon the deck, superstructure and any canvas work, ie spray hoods/canopies as well as ropes halyards and mooring lines, not exposed to sunlight may soon start to turn green! A half hour spent this October spraying a diluted solution of Wet & Forget on vertical or horizontal surfaces, be they wood, glassfibre, steel or fabric of any type, will ensure that they will remain free from moss, mould, mildew or lichen this winter. The result, a saving of up to at least eight hours at the start of the season on 'Spring cleaning' or expensive sail laundry bills! Wet & Forgetdoes what it says without any hard work, just dilute and spray onto the surfaces you wish to protect and then leave nature to do the hard work. Incidentally Wet & Forgetis also great for use around the exterior of your house, use with confidence on paths, brickwork, decking etc to prevent or get rid of existing moss and lichen.

    When we first learned about this product we were a little sceptical about its properties i.e. you just sprayed it on and then forgot about it letting nature do the hard work so we found a suitably ‘green’ cover up at Amble marina and after obtaining the boat owner’s permission sprayed a test panel. Three weeks later I was back up North and took a second picture, note that not only has the green vanished from the fabric but look closely at the toe rail in both images, now you see it now you don’t!

    Another Wet & Forget 'before and after' picture.  On the left a boat cover covered in green algae, on the right, Wet & Forget has done its job and the same cover is now free from algae.

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