97. Top Tips Tuesday - Caught On The Hop - Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

Ice On The Water - Royal Quays - Newcastle

Were you caught on the hop with that cold snap this past weekend? Did you realise that despite draining down your boat's fresh water system you could still be in trouble if the small amount of fresh water left in your taps, shower head, water pressure pump or fresh water filter freezes? Freezeban is the correct product to use that enables you to rest assured if the temperature drops below freezing. Thermostatically controlled tube heaters which are very economical to run are ideal for keeping the engine bay or cabin at a warmer temperature, available in a range of sizes to suit your particular needs and if 'onboard' moisture is an issue the Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier is worth considering, with a pedigree which includes 'Best Buy' Sailing Today & 'Best On Test' Practical Boat Owner. It is in our opinion the only one to go for as it has the ability to perform right down to 0 degrees. If this week's forecast is correct and later in the week we are going to get more rain, if you haven't already done so, consider spraying the deck, cabin sides, any canvas work and rope that are left on during the winter months with some Wet & Forget. This brilliant product (read the product reviews on our site) will keep the green mould at bay with absolutely no hard work! If your boat is already tinted green no worries, spray on leave and let nature do the work!

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Winter Boat Maintenance & Checks

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