114. Top Tips Tuesday - Echomax - Who Wants Weight And Windage Aloft?


I started racing National 12's and Enterprise dinghies in the sixties and eventually graduated to faster and more twitchy International 14's (did more than my fair share of swimming!) and then when my back started to give I ended up racing Flying 15's which then finished my knees off! My first venture into bigger boats was a Channel 31 which we completed from a series of mouldings and now we are at it again finishing off a Mystery 35. As a relapsed racer I am a firm believer of still trying to keep weight out of the ends and weight and windage out of the rig so when it comes to being seen in foggy conditions my ideal combination would be Passive as well as Active. An Echomax Active X band Radar Target Enhancer which is of minimum windage and weighs only 327g and a small but effective Passive Reflector. Sadly a passive reflector such as the Echomax 230 or 230BR weighs in at over 2.1kilos with the corresponding windage so for the racer in me who now cruises it was a no no, instead, it's going to be the Echomax EM230i inflatable, when fog is threatening, inflate and hoist! It exceeds the ORC and RORC requirements  and as for reliability it passed six year trials. Jenny who controls the purse strings will perhaps say no enough is enough and no Echomax Active but hey, what about one as a combined birthday and Christmas present perfect for the guy who has everything!

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