111. Top Tips Tuesday - West Systems Six10 - Sorry David!


The subject of last week's blog was T-Rex, ferociously strong temporary repair tape. We then followed it up with a ‘hard sell’ which featured the tape (which sold so well we ran out of stock, now back in) and other excellent bits of kit like West G/flex epoxy that you could carry on board in your tool kit, vital if you should you end up taking on water either below or above the waterline. David Johnson, the sales and technical operations manager of West Systems dropped us a line which reads:

Hi Andy and Robby, Love your mails every few days.

You missed out Six 10, it’s a great go to product, WEST SYSTEM in a tube. Tape a little pack of glass tape to it and leave it in a locker for an emergency. If you haven’t got a mastic gun an emergency will create all sorts of ingenuity in dispensing it.

Keep up the good work. Have you subscribed to www.epoxycraft.com  great portal for all things epoxy!


So here goes, ‘another product thats worth keeping on board is a tube of West System Six10, then tape a little pack of West tape to it and leave in a locker for an emergency’!

There you go David, hope I have made my peace, incidentally methinks that Robert Redford should have carried some as in the film ‘All Is Lost’ he could have used this product instead!

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