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212. Top Tips Tuesday - Practise What You Preach


Almost two months ago (17th of April) I blogged about that great product the Freebag  (which we had just started importing). The response, I have to say, was excellent and happy to report that our  two new Freebags did sterling service on the long almost non stop drive down from Newcastle to the ferry port of Ancona in Italy then overnight on the Igoumenitsa ferry, where due to circumstances beyond our control we were 'turfed' out of our cabin and ended up sleeping in a couple of seats in the bar, made an awful lot more comfortable by the Freebags! Now that we are living the dream and  either sailing or motoring from harbour to harbour or anchorage to anchorage in the Ionian, they are once again giving sterling service both on and off Hindsight. Today was supposed to be a 'rest day' nothing to do, I assure you, with the large quantity of port Nick and I had consumed after a superb meal cooked by Lorraine formerly of St Peters marina in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.15.33

Not only does the Freebag provide an excellent cushion in the cockpit, on the deck, or on the beach but because of its unique design, one can also use it as a bag to put all those essentials including my latest reading matter the latest Harry Hole novel, my wife's Crocks and  cossie (costume), wallet for the beach bar etc etc. Sunglasses are worn and they are of course those brilliant Gill bi-focal sunglasses, great cos I don't have to remember to carry a spare pair of reading glasses!



Two seconds after this blog winged its way across from Meganisi I got a return email from my boss Andy. Obviously he was 'delighted' that for once my weekly ramblings were on schedule but seemed surprised that I hadn't bothered to mention the Freebag Pro. Included in the message were a couple of images of him slaving away in his back garden, knees protected of course, whilst he applied a coat or two of Burgess Marine Wood Sealer. Methinks he may be a little jealous of my life style in the Ionian and wanted a little more text from the old codger!


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