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234. Top Tips Tuesday - Give Your Knees A Break

Having started my marine trade career in the early seventies as a ‘trainee’ sailmaker with Musto and Hyde, in those long gone days the part assembled sails, 'triangles' of sailcloth had the luff, leach and foot shape drawn out by hand on the loft floor. Nowadays, with computer aided design and laser cut panels there is no need for a sail to touch the floor, which is a blessing in disguise for those old timers like me with dodgy knees! Having said that I am sure that wearing a heavy padded weight jacket (before they were banned) whilst competing in both the Int 14 class and the Flying Dutchman didn’t help either my knees or my back!

The Freebag Pro® is the perfect solution for protecting knees and preventing skeletal lesions. I must confess to also sneaking the sail loft one home when it came to stripping, restoring and then recoating our entrance hall floor. The Freebag Pro®, which was designed by a Norwegian yachtsman, is also finding favour in a wide range of professions, not only protecting ones knees but for archaeologists in Norway & Sweden helping prevent muscle and skeletal lesions.

Of course using the Freebag Pro® at home means it can be paid for from the household budget, however it’s perfect for your marine projects make use of a Freebag Pro® the next time you're on your knees recaulking the teak deck or you have your head and shoulders wedged between two stringers as you clean out the bilge under the engine tray. Once you've used one you'll wonder how you managed without it.

For knee protection whilst sailing, Spinlock have just released their latest kneepad design that builds on the popular features of their existing range with a super new soft touch neoprene fabric for ultimate long term comfort. The PERFORMANCE KNEEPADS use ergonomically-shaped, high density foam to keep the kneecap correctly located, providing reliable patella support and impact protection without restricting intensive working of the knee joint. Abrasion protection is provided by the extra tough ‘Tatex’ moulded outer protection with sticky rubber compound coating increasing grip in all conditions. Easy to put on the kneepads, the close fit and high flex panelling which moves with the knee, ensure the knee pad stays in place.

If the Spinlock knee pads don’t wet your whistle why not consider a pair of Intelligent onesfrom Musto? Experience exceptional impact absorption from these durable and ergonomic D3O® Kneepads. The material's intelligent molecules outperform soft foams of the same thickness by up to six times. D3O tailors itself to your movements but locks together upon impact, channeling its energy away from your body. The Kevlar® knee patches add durability and abrasion resistance for hardwearing protection.


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