250. Top Tips Tuesday - Super Max

Our Claire, she who posts my blogs, has given birth (congratulations to her and partner Mark) the other week to Robyn, a beautiful girl weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces sister to Lilly, 10, proper young lady now and Max, recently 3 and already out and about in the wilds of Northumberland. His future preferred vocation, trainee husky sleigh driver. Wonder when he might get a little jealous of his gorgeous sister who already is sleeping better than he does! On the same subject, I wonder if the Whale Supersub pumps will be a little jealous of the new super Rule LoPro now there is a new kid on the block?


On our Mystery there is a ‘keel sump’ at least 75cm deep, see image above, and the current set up to empty it, should it fill with water for whatever reason, is that the bilge pump is mounted just aft of the cavity and to gain access to any liquid that may be there is a length of reinforced 25mm hose attached to the inlet on the pump and on the other end of the hose is a  strum box c/w non return valve which is fed down and ‘sits’ ontop of the keel bolts. It's secured with a tiny dollop of G Flex epoxy sufficient to hold it in place, but not so much that it cannot be removed should a blockage occur.


If you have the need to empty a small space it may well be that the Rule LoPro could be the answer! It's compact only 193mm long and 59mm in dia. Its output is 12.5 gallons per minute and its max discharge head is 3m. The pump can be mounted with the outlet hose exiting either vertically or horizontally and can be used with 19mm, 25mm or 28mm bore hose. Its voltage is 12vdc and the current consumption at maximum flow is only 4amps. You can purchase it as a manual only pump which will need a an on/off switch, you can upgrade it to auto with a Rule float switch or buy it in ‘electronic mode’. In this auto or electronic mode there are 3 Operation Modes:
  • High water mode; The pump starts when the water level reaches 50mm (2")
  • Low water mode; Turn the motor cartridge 180º and the sensor starts the pump at 33mm (1.3")
  • Full Electronic mode; The pump automatically turns on every 2.5 minutes to check for water, if water is detected the pump runs until the water is gone.
  • Finally for peace of mind he Rule LoPro pump of course comes with a 3 year warranty.


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