270. Top Tips Tuesday - Water, water everywhere!


Back in May I wrote a blog entitled 'Things can only get better'. This was after we discovered an issue in the grey water tank plumbing at the conclusion of the 2018 season which eventually resulted in the bilges of our Mystery flooding, the end result being the need for a replacement shower drain pump which had been damaged through water ingress. Two days of my precious early summer cruising lost grovelling in the stern locker as well as the bilge! Later that month I realised that I had never ever attached a wooden plug or bung to each of the inlet/outlet seacocks in the three years we have had Hindsight on the water. Note to myself, ‘Storrar always practice what you preach.’ Yes I know we have Forespar reinforced glass seacocks on the Mystery so no danger of them failing through electrolysis as per the image shown below, however if a hose had failed and no bung to hand, what then, go hunting for the pack of plugs which I knew was somewhere onboard, but where? Once found, select the correct diameter, then find a hammer and belt it in assuming the saloon hasn’t been completely flooded.


Forespar, the manufacturers of those excellent seacocks mentioned above, have for a number of years been manufacturing the Sta-Plug Emergency Bung that can be used in a variety of situations where sea water would make an entrance. With their soft body they can be used to plug a hole that’s not circular. Recently they have introduced to the marine market a mini version called, appropriately enough, the Forespar Sta-Plug Mini Emergency Bung! However you would need an awful lot of them to plug the leaks in the powerboat pictured above!

Another American import (makes a pleasant change from all those far East imports) is a product called Stay Afloat Emergency Plug & Sealant. It's a unique mixture that is super adhesive, will stick to most surfaces and will instantly stop water leaks during a damage control crisis or emergency situation on your boat. I used this product last year to repair a water leak on a window, but it's uses are many; waterproofing fittings, temporary boat plug, use on broken or leaking through hulls, broken or leaking transducers, leaking or weeping cable glands. A little can go a long way so that may be the temporary answer to the powerboat skipper's prayer!

With a roll of drums we have a British designed and manufactured product! Seabung is a through hull/seacock breach controller and did you know that seacock and hose failures cause 50% of moored boat sinking? Seabung is not just a plug, it allows replacement of hoses and seacocks whilst the vessel is afloat. Quality holiday time lost because of the offending toilet outlet? Seabung will allow you to remove a blocked seacock, free the obstruction without the expense nor time lost of an expensive lift out! Sounds like a winner to me.

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