334. Top Tips Tuesday - Little And Large


When I decided to seek fame and fortune in the marine trade, I went 'South' to work for a sailmaker. After living in a bed sit for a couple of months, I upped sticks and ended up sharing a house in Benfleet, Essex with a couple of fellow employees of the company. At the time I was the proud owner of my first International 14 racing dinghy so every weekend in order to race against the best sailors in that class UK wise I used to drive down to Itchenor some 30 odd miles from Southampton. Late one Sunday evening on my return from the South coast I opened the front door to our rented accommodation, walked into the hall, smelled 'old smoke' and switched on the hall light to discover that the walls were black with smoke damage, the glass pane missing from the adjoining door and the kitchen was looking decidedly shabby! It transpired that one of my younger flat mates had come back from the pub on the Friday night, decided he was hungry and a chip butty was to be eaten, so it was on with the chip pan. However, he then nodded off, woke to find the fat had caught fire and, in his panic, threw a pan of water onto the flames and, from what I can gather, he either got blown or stumbled through the glass door! My girlfriend at the time, Jenny, was with me when we discovered the damage and for the life of us we both cannot remember who redecorated the hall and kitchen never mind the other smoke damaged rooms however the upshot of that incident is that in the four houses we have lived in since we got married, we have always played safe. No chip butties after a trip to the pub, extinguishers and smoke alarms at strategic locations and, of course, the guide to the correct deployment.


Last month we got a call from the company that services our extinguishers. Could they come round and do their annual check, however Jen and I agreed if the existing extinguishers were 'past their sell by date' and needed replacing we would downsize to the multi-use compact Fire Suppression Systems ones that we have on our boat. For home use the fact that they can be used on any type of fire appeals, including cooking oils and fats. They are much neater, of course, and there is no need to get them regularly serviced with a minimum 10-year shelf life. As for the mess created in the likely event of a deployment, there is none. No powder nor foam to remove once the fire is extinguished.

  • Works on ALL major types of fire: A B C F and electrical
  • Lasts far LONGER to fight the fire
  • SAFE & EASY to use
  • Totally non-toxic & environmentally friendly.
  • Fast to activate
  • 10 years proven shelf life (3yr warranty)
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Small & Light
  • Free mounting Bracket
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