Bored And Confined To Barracks?

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Our bricks and mortar chandlery is regrettably closed for business till we hear otherwise, however we still can send out mail orders but regret for ‘locals’ you are unable to click and collect! If your marina or boatyard is not allowing you access to your boat due to the current restrictions, why not take the opportunity to brush up on either the racing rules or the collision regulations? Once I have worked partly through Jen’s ‘to do’ list that's what I intend to do! We have a great selection of books on the subjects and boss man Andy advises me he will work 24/7 to ship them out! We also have some excellent ‘plastic fantastic’ Weems & Plath recognition tool and study aids (their words not mine) for the identification of vessels by Lights & Shapes and another on the Rules of the Road.


If you are already red hot on the rules, to ease the ‘confined to barracks’ mood, worth buying if you haven’t already got one is the Speedy Stitcher. One of those items that can find a use at home and on the boat so if your good lady needs her horse blanket repaired, the dog or cats fabric basket needs a stitch, maybe your motor bike cover seam too or the sails in the garage or loft need a little TLC this may be the tool for you? Buy one, advise the material you are trying to repair/colour and I will slip a small piece in, assuming we have it in stock!


To get your brownie points up why not invest in a container of Wet & Forget? Its brilliant stuff and you don’t need to put any effort into getting an excellent result. It will treat and remove mould lichen & algae from block paving on the front or side drive, excellent on decking or that green wooden fence, spray it on an area of the brickwork that doesn’t get the sun in winter and is in need of a clean up, just spray either the diluted solution on, you need to use a garden spray or purchase the new premixed Wet & Forget Rapid, just connect to a hose and go! A container of the Rapid will treat up to 200 sq mtrs depending on the porosity and you can reach an area that is otherwise accessible. Both the original Wet & Forget and Wet & Forget Rapid can safely be used on any canvas work you may have brought home. Its excellent and perfectly safe to spray on furling headsails to prevent the green mould appearing during a damp summer or autumn. If your canvas work or sails already have a ‘touch of green,’ please note that the results are not immediate and any green staining will not disappear until the item is subject to rain and wind but there is not a ‘time limit’ as to when the item is sprayed then exposed! It can of course be used safely on GRP decks/cabins etc, teak or varnish work and of course you can raid the house keeping money to pay for it!

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If you have brought some varnish work home, look out for our next blog, it did occur to me last night whilst I was ’slapping’ a coat on these two kickboards that some of us might need a refresher (bit like my knowledge of the rules of the road!)

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