What! No Top Tips?


Well I regret there will be, for once, no 'pearls of wisdom' from your blogger but just a short message from boss man Andy and all the guys at www.marinechandlery.com and the staff at his Newcastle based bricks and mortar store www.storrarmarine.co.uk to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and let's all hope that the vaccines do their trick and we can get back to normality before too long enjoying quality time on the water this coming year!

Your continued support throughout 2020, a very difficult trading year to put it mildly, has been very much appreciated, thank you indeed! Niche products that Andy now stocks and retails in quantity, and I think makes his company that little bit special (but I am biased, of course, having started the business around 50 years ago, retired for the past five) and helped put a smile on his face, have been, without a doubt, the brilliant Ewincher, Freebags in both styles, Bynolyt binoculars, (back in stock on the 29th of December we are told) Debond, that brilliant solvent for de bonding Sikaflex and other adhesives like 3M 5200, the chisel nosed deck safety knife and of course the amazing Hook & Moor.

Order tomorrow any of the above or other items and you may still get delivery for Christmas Eve if the carriers don’t let him down. Binoculars will be delivered early January. Assuming the chandlery remains in tier 3 it will be open until 5pm Wednesday the 23rd then reopening Tuesday the 29th at 9.30 For the New Year, it will be closing at 1pm on New Year's Eve and reopening 8.30 Saturday 2nd January.

As for the online store, I have no doubt Andy will be monitoring that side of the business in between cooking the turkey on Xmas day and enjoying the occasional tot of Jack Daniels however if you do get bored and surf the web on either Christmas or Boxing Day, knowing the way his mind works, if you are tempted to order he will be in bright eyed and bushy tailed, dispatching on the 29th!


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