349. Top Tips Tuesday - Does What It Says On The Tin


Even though I ‘retired’ some years ago from the day to day running of Storrar Marine and the online presence www.marinechandlery.com and am no longer a director of this fine emporium, boss man Andy Burgess allows me to keep a weather eye on incoming emails. His reasoning is that with an awful lot of manufacturers these days not producing hard copies of their new catalogue it means that I can read and inwardly digest and possibly blog about a new product that is being introduced to the market and if the item takes my fancy possibly write some ‘words of wisdom or 'summat’ for a Top Tips Tuesday blog! This weekend, however, I read that once again we should be receiving this coming week another substantial shipment of DeBond Corps Marine Formula.

imageAs it says on the container ‘This Stuff Really Works.” Not only does it break the bond of America’s favourite marine adhesive 3M 5200 but will do the same to Europe's (and I class the UK as being ‘in’ Europe for the purpose of this blog!) favourite marine adhesive Sikaflex 291i! Marine Formula DeBonds and cleans most cured and uncured polyurethane and polysulphide adhesives, decal and tape film, gaskets, seals, caulks, silicone rubber and even chewing gum on carpets!

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IT WORKS! We had two underwater lights on our boat that we had to remover... they were not only screwed into the fibreglass hull but had 5200.We heard about DEBOND and bought it. The lights came out. THANK YOU for having this product. MS,Annapolis, MD

How many different ways can one sat, "AN AMAZING PRODUCT!!" Having owned boats, repaired boats, and used "5200" for bedding items exposed to the weather, Marine DeBond removes "5200" in minutes! RT, New York, NY

I used the DeBond Marine to clean the deck that had some residue from building the boat. It worked great. Thanks! RK, San Diego, CA

Marine Formular, great product! Just ordered a second can! JV Vonore, TN

I can't begin to tell you how well it worked. I needed to remove a hawse pipe from my deck. No fuss, no muss. What a great product. Thank you. BT, Wilmington, NC

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