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  • 195. Top Tips Tuesday - Spectacles,*********, Wallet & Watch


    Last October with Hindsight out the water and safely chocked up in the Corfu boatyard, Jenny and I decided that it would be less hassle if we left the majority of our 'summer clothes' onboard to save us the task of taking them all home and then some seven odd months later bringing them all back again! Great plan we thought as bitter experience, (get the pun?) has taught us that the North East in the height of summer can be and is often a cold, wet and windy place. When out for a Wednesday night race it's often the full monty; base, then mid layer, which are my trusty Musto Goretex salopette and jacket (now in at least their tenth season) topped off with my Gill foulies and my Spinlock Deck Vest Lite. So when some three weeks ago we started getting ready to pack for a non sailing winter break (not at that time on our radar back in October) Gomera an unspoilt Canary Isle was our choice of destinations, last year's cunning plan suddenly and then rapidly started to unravel. Surprise, surprise no shorts for Jenny and precious few tops as well. As for yours truly, all I had in the way of sunshine clothing was a couple of old t-shirts I had purchased at an International 14 European championships in the last century! My shorts?, sadly the UV had done the dirty on two pairs of Musto Fast Dry ones left at home and they were falling apart. What a b****s up, however, with my scruffy moth infested Musto wallet in hand, off we trotted to M&S to hopefully get sorted. Spotted bargain t-shirts for me, reduced to £2-50 each, shorts for Jenny at full price and then that night it was a repair session to my shorts, many thanks to Tear Aid for making it so easy. Clothes packed into the case, along with reading matter but then I realised I had made another b***** up, where were my Gill bi-focal sunglasses and Jenny's Boarding Ring glasses? Why, they were onboard Hindsight in Greece, where else!


    Fast forward to the morning of our flight, by then I had managed to talk Andy into lending me his own Gill bi-focals, great for map reading and as 'normal sun glasses' Jen then sweet talked him into lending her the chandlery's demo Boarding Ring glasses, not only are they brilliant at helping her keep her food down where it belongs when sailing, but as a poor passenger in a car (nowt to do with my driving I hasten to add) they keep her from feeling iccy when on the twisty roads of Gomera! So good are they that they even enabled her to take snaps out of the car window as we ‘hurtled’ down the mountain roads without fear of projectile vomit!


    Having berthed our Channel 31 in San Sebastián harbour for some three years during the Mystery 35 fitting-out we had always enjoyed good weather. Sadly this time, yes we had three good days of sunshine where on the last day of these we got to take the hire car up into the mountains and enjoys the forest walks and afterwards, the superb anchovies in the harbour cafe at Valle Gran Rey.


    However for the next six days which included the remaining two days of car hire it was a bit like being back in the North East, strong cold Northerlies, unfortunately neither of us had base, mid layer or foulies to keep the elements at bay but on the last day I did have (for once on my wrist) my Optimum Time watch to remind me that there was only a few more hours till we caught the ferry from San Sebastián Gomera to Los Christianos Tenerife and then on to the airport!


  • 158. Top Tips Tuesday - Mal De Mer & How Jenny Was Cured!


    IMG_0912 As the day draws nearer (or so I thought) when we load Hindsight onto a transporter and ship her down to Port St Louis near Marseille then sail her round to the Corfu area, we have been filling the spare bedroom with some of the essentials we need to keep onboard. Our original plan was that when she had been finally completed ‘three years ago in 2014 ’ we were going to sail her down the East Coast through the Channel across the Bay of Biscay etc, however, with the past recession/work load, that helped put paid to that plan. Now it all may change AGAIN as Jenny, when out walking Millie and our daughter's dog early last Tuesday got tangled up with them tripped over her charges and two other four legged friends who were off the lead, result, one broken wrist. Fortunately, if that’s the right word, a clean break and just second bone chipped; it’s the left hand and of course she is left handed!

    Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.42.44

    Anyway to get back to Tuesday's Top Tip, Jen does suffer from seasickness and whilst we were going through on Monday night the kit we had retained from the old Hunter Channel, we discovered her Boarding Ring Glasses had somehow got smashed, probably cos they were under a pile of other boat bits and not in the hard case they come with! For those who haven’t heard of them, for Jenny and loads of other boaters they are the answer from heaven to the old problem of an effective cure for seasickness, great also for sufferers of travel sickness on the train, road and in the sky. Incidentally, we have in the past (before the original supply dried up) supplied them to an American Airline, not United Airlines I hasten to add!

    Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.42.51

    Boarding Ring Glasses which won a World Marine Award for innovation are a medical device, CE label, class 1 (no prescription required) they instantly and permanently eradicates motion sickness, there is no need to wear them constantly it takes 12 minutes maximum for them to be effective, just put the glasses on when the symptons appear, you can read, write talk and eat and most importantly when the symptons disappear you can take them off! If you are a wearer of glasses? No problem, they can be worn directly over the top. Kids up to 9 years old are catered for with a childrens model available in blue or pink and come with built in shades.



    They do exactly what it says Review by Margaret

    These glasses do indeed work. We are in our early 60s and my husband has suffered from chronic travel sickness all his life. Amongst other restrictions, as divers, this made our boat diving experiences interesting to say the least and he was sick on every occasion. Over the years we have tried everything, local recommendations, prescription, homeopathic the lot, to no avail, so we were understandably sceptical when we saw the glasses for sale at the dive show. Thankfully we were wrong, they do exactly what it says. Even only wearing them only three or four times a year on our holidays whilst diving and as a passenger on airport transfers he has found that they certainly do work and although he still starts to feel nauseous, wearing the glasses intermittently as per the directions works and takes away the feelings of nausea, he has not actually been sick since we purchased them.

    Margaret Sewell, St Albans Herts

    Certainly did the trick Review by Gill McD So far so good, they certainly did the trick on the one occasion I used them, and will definitely use them this season. Gill McDougall

    Any look is better than green! Review by Cat McW Me too, luckily no mirrors around, but any look is better than green! Catriona McWilliam

  • 94. Top Tips Tuesday - Boarding Ring Glasses Are Back - Anti Motion Sea Sickness Tips

    Gill Sense Bifocal Sunglasses

    Sitting by the pool at our hotel on Gomera, one of the smallest of the Canary Islands, I was wearing my Gill Sense Bifocal sunglasses (in my opinion a cracking bit of kit) cool beer to hand, and for once not reading a boating mag, the tranquility of the moment broken by the ping of Jenny's iPad. “It's a work one for you dear.” There was incidentally an emphasis on the dear! Message from the boss read, 'Boarding Ring Anti Motion Sea Sickness Glasses will once again be available and just in time for Christmas.' Well that is good news as we used to sell loads of them, not just to yachties, fishermen and power boaters, but to air hostesses and of course those poor folks who suffer from car sickness, including my dear long suffering wife! After reading the email out loud to Jenny she said, “Well, that's another fail isn't it?” My own pair of Boarding Ring Glasses are sitting at home (we had hired a car to go into the mountains tomorrow) along of course with all my underpants! However, that's another story!

    Boarding Ring Anti Motion/Sea Sickness Glasses -

    Oops almost forgot, it's that holiday mode kicking in, Boarding Ring Glasses are also made in a child's size and are also in stock!

    Children's Boarding Ring Anti Motion/Sea Sickness Glasses -
  • Boarding Ring Glasses For Kids - Now In Stock!

    It has been over six months since Andy saw the junior version of the very popular and successful Boarding Ring Anti Motion Sickness Glasses (they are great for relieving the symptoms of motion sickness whether on a boat, car, ferry, train) at METS and placed the initial order for them. Well, the good news is that at long, long last they are in stock, but folks at the moment only available in blue. The children’s Boarding Ring Glasses come with ‘built in’ sunglasses that are hinged and can be swung out of the way on a dull day, "All the time in the North East" I hear you cry! With youngsters heads varying so much in size the side arms can be ‘fine tuned’ to suit, cutting them with a pair of scissors ensures a good fit and means you don’t have to worry about the glasses falling overboard. Writing about losing them overboard... you will be please to know that the Boarding Ring Anti Motion Sickness Glasses are supplied with an excellent clam shell case c/w hook for clipping on to say a waist band (incidentally the adult version now come with this style of case). The adult glasses have been selling like hot cakes, we export them worldwide, no doubt once the season is in full swing the kids glasses will be smoking out the door too!

    P1050926 P1050932
  • They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There, Boarding Ring Glasses We Send Them Everywhere

    They Seek Them Here, They Seek Them There, Boarding Ring Glasses We Send Them Everywhere...


    In the last five days four pair to the States, some down under to Australia, across to Denmark, by the time we have clocked out tonight these great Anti Motion Sickness boarding ring glasses will be winging their way to all four corners of the continent as well as the rest of the world! My wife swears by them, but then she swears at me all the time, Jenny has used them on the boat with success, she can now tolerate me driving thru the twist and turns of the Gomerian Mountains! So far its the oldies that have been enjoying  the benefits of Boarding Ring glasses on the water, hopefully if my cunning plan comes to fruition we should have the kids ones in stock mid March, just in time for the start of the season!

  • Dimbleby Deserves a Rocket... No lifejacket crutch straps fitted!?

    David_Dimbleby_2735949bSat down on Sunday night after the MO activities at the St Peters winter series on the Tyne to watch ‘Britain and the Sea’ presented by veteran presenter David Dimbleby in which he ‘explores Britain’s maritime culture’ in the first of a four part series on BBC One. David was sailing his gaffer ROCKET which is a Heard 28 design, during his first voyage he is helped by the ‘paid hand’ who helps look after and maintain the boat and Josh and Eliza. One hopes in the next episode that David and the crew will have all fitted to their lifejackets crutch straps as lifejackets are in my opinion almost a waste of space unless the strap is worn and that at the least he will be taking on board some Boarding Ring glasses or a seasickness and travel sickness Relief Band for poor old Josh and Eliza!

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