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  • 87. Top Tips Tuesday - Sooner Rather Than Later - Electronic Chart Updates


    So the clocks have gone back and for a lot of us the season is drawing to an end, not for co-director Andy, he starts his Sports Boat winter series campaign early November (missed Sundays race ‘cos he says he wants to give the other competitors a fighting chance). Speaking of a fighting chance, maybe now is the time to get your C-Map updated as againstat the start of next seasons activities when there is so much else to think about!

    This week we see the new release by C-Map of all electronic charts, they as you probably know are used in the majority of plotters including Standard Horizon, Furuno, RaymarineLowrance & Humminbird. The price of an update can be as low as £50-00 and as for the turnaround... if we receive it on a Tuesday morning you would get back Wednesday but please send your chart to us tracked and signed for and enclose a copy of our update form!



  • 57. Top Tips Tuesday - Don’t navigate 'on a wing and a prayer’ with a page from an atlas!


    If you do, you may end up on the rocks like intrepid sailor Michal did the other day. But joking apart if you haven’t updated your electronic charts for the 2015 season, now is the time to do so. Garmin BluechartsNavionics and C-Map (latest update due out this week) can usually be turned around same day. If you are ‘moving on’ you can of course update to a different area and if changing to a new chartplotter you can update to a different format if required. Navionics are now also offering updates to their charts from selected C-Map or Garmin products so bear in mind your old electronic charts still have value.

    If you have purchased a Raymarine plotter with C-Map essentials, a recent innovation, you are entitled to a free C-Map MAX+ local chart or for a small fee an upgrade to MAX full 4D with 3D overlays and easy routing.

    Of course one must not rely entirely on electronics you should always carry corrected paper charts of the area you are likely to be boating in, Imray updates hereAdmiralty updates here

    For more on the story mentioned above - The Telegraph Reported:

    Sailor rescued by coastguard is found on yacht with nothing but a page torn from an atlas

    Michal Trejbal, 40, was attempting to sail to Plymouth but was rescued by coastguards after his 25ft yacht collided with rocks


    A sailor was rescued by coastguards when his 25ft yacht smashed into rocks - and he was found with nothing but a page torn from an atlas. Michal Trejbal, 40, was attempting to sail to Plymouth, Devon, but got into trouble when the keel of his yacht collided with rocks near Ventnor, Isle of Wight. A nearby fisherman raised the alarm and teams from Needles Coastguard and Ventnor Coastguard were called to the scene. It is not known where Mr Trejbal, who is a Czech national, set off from but it is thought he eventually wanted to travel to Turkey.  The boat had no safety equipment, Mr Trejbal was navigating with one page from an atlas and when he was rescued he thought he was 30 miles away - in Southampton. Last August a man was rescued five miles off the Dorset coast after attempting to sail to America in a £300 dinghy.

  • BlueChart g2® and g2 Vision® 2011, Now Available

    Another boating season, another Garmin BlueChart update!  In the continuous effort to keep our marine charting the most up-to-date, Garmin Europe is pleased to announce worldwide coverage availability for the updated 2011 format for BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision, replacing the previous 2010.5 version.  The well known BlueChart g2 and g2 Vision 2011 complement and enhance our marine and handheld product line with multiple user benefits: •          Seamless data transition between zoom levels and harmonious transition across chart borders •          Fishing depth contours included in both BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision formats •           “Safety Shading” settings with a selection of up to five values •          Standardised depth contours and isobath areas •          Minimized chart discontinuities and clutter •          Combining the best available data from multiple sources to create the most accurate and detailed chart available •          BlueChart g2 as lower cost electronic option for the Garmin handheld series and lower-end plotters Here below are the enhancements in BlueChart g2 & g2 Vision 2011: •          Introduction of deep water depth contours in the Fishing Chart display (deeper than 1000 mt) •          Numerous chart and notice-to-mariner updates

  • Keep your charts up to date!

    Six offshore windfarms have been built, which are generating 3.5 GW of renewable energy. There are a number of others either under construction or planned for the near future, to provide a further 5.5 GW of energy. Round 3 is set to deliver a massive 25GW of energy, with construction due to begin in 2014. There is an increasing number of things to bump into out there.

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