• Confined To Barracks - Week 6, Part 2 - Bang For Britain


    Jenny and I have been out on the street every Thursday night (apart from the first one when I am ashamed to say we forgot) without fail paying tribute to those working for the NHS on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. We mustn't also forget those guys who are helping to keep us safe, including one of our sons in law serving in the police force; teachers educating the kids whose parents are involved in keeping the UK ticking over; shop workers in supermarkets, independent butchers, bakers, green grocers and their staff, delivery drivers etc etc we owe them all a debt of gratitude.

    The first Thursday night that I was out, after 20 seconds of clapping my poor old arthritic wrists were giving me so much gyp that I am ashamed to say that I had to stop whilst Mrs S carried on! I rushed indoors grabbed a sauce pan and spoon returned to the fray and promptly drowned Jen out with my banging. So, for the last few Thursday nights there has been no clapping from either of us, two sauce pans, two wooden spoons and a barking dog are our modus operandi!


    Boss man Andy and his family however make even more noise than we two do with his 'girls' in fog horn mode; eldest daughter using the Eco friendly rechargeable Ecoblast, the youngest (who has always got a lot to say for herself according to Andy) blowing her own trumpet and as for his good lady Jill, after a hard day at school, it's a case of taking it a little more easy, she just presses a button. Andy, to compete with all that noise, did what we do raid the kitchen cupboard and 'bangs his own drum' that's his percussion instrument sitting on the grass. Being a man of course he cannot multitask, bang the drum and take a pic whilst standing on one leg!


    Our most popular fog horn by a long way sold through either our bricks and mortar chandlery Storrar Marine Store or through our mail order operation is the Ecoblast. Simply pump air into the storage cylinder attached to the horn with the pump which is included, then let it off! It's a powerful 110db, approx 60 blasts per 'charge' and of course there is never any need to buy another refill!. The Blaster Horn is also environmentally friendly it delivers over 100db using a puff of air from your mouth! The Blaster horn is hard wearing and should the plastic diaphragm fail it can be easily be replaced with any thin plastic film. As for the Air Signal Horn, it's powered by an ozone friendly propellant, refills are not expensive at £6-95. Its only drawback, as far as I can see, is that we cannot sell it down under in Australia as it must be kept upright! Sorry just trying to make a joke and failing miserably!


    Ps don't forget to bang for Britain tonight at 8pm or give a honk or two for all those 'heroes.' Incidentally,  with 'time on my hands' and the attic now cleared, I did discover one of my old Arthur Ransome books, 'We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea,' and reading it remembered that as the fog came down whilst they were at anchor... What did they use to stay safe? Like us on Facebook and email your answer to... to win a Boaties frying pan!

  • 100. Top Tips Tuesday - "Hook & Moor" boat hook for easy mooring

    Time flies when you're having fun, or so they say. Having said all that after a day working on our still unfinished project (with more varnishing still to come tonight) stopping to write a blog on the iPad last night did give some relief to my aching arthritic wrists! On March the 4th 2014 I wrote our first Top Tips on the subject of anodes and if you happened to miss it, here it is, you may learn something to your advantage! Anyway, over the last two years I have blogged about a variety of subjects and today we are celebrating our 100th 'words of wisdom!'


    February last year we were asked to trial a boat hook that would, for sailing couples, take the risk of divorce out of picking up a buoy or mooring up to a pontoon. Since taking it on, sales of Hook and Moor have far exceeded our expectations, many satisfied customers saying that this boat hook is far superior than  a visit to  a marriage guidance councillor and by the way thanks for saving their marriage! Perfect as a Valentine present to show you care (about your boat)

    Hook and Moor is easy to use, extends to over 3mtrs if you should need it and apart from being superbly engineered it even gives one the ability to retrieve a mooring line should the situation warrant it.  For your chance to win one of these superb Hook and Moor boat hooks, a buoy and some mooring rope to practise with all you have to do is like us on Facebook. Closing date: Monday 15th Feb 2016. The winner will be announced in next weeks Top Tips!

  • WIN A NEW NAVIONICS CHART including a years worth of updates...


    All you have to do is submit your Sonar Logs by 30th September 2013 and Navionics will give the top three contributors a new Navionics+ chart and one year's worth of updates.

    The top three will be defined as the three Humminbird users who upload the longest mileage of tracks to Navionics:

    Record your Sonar Log on your Humminbird Combo Unit and save it on a SD Memory card

    Upload the log to Navionics

    The process is simple, and full details may be found at

    For further information and support, please contact:

    Navionics UK at +44-(0)1752-258726, e-mail

    FB page:


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