• 78. Top Tips Tuesday - Cruising... "The Wild Atlantic Way"


    It may be a little late for some skippers and crew who have already started, or perhaps finished, this years Irish cruise however "Cruising the Wild Atlantic Way" will inspire water sports enthusiasts and landlubbers alike to appreciate the challenges and the rewards of cruising along the rugged and unspoiled west coast of Ireland, this excellent newly published book is written by Daria & Alex Blackwell (authors of the superb book 'Happy Hooking The Art of Anchoring')

    Ireland's untamed West Coast, dotted with islands, is one of the most challenging and daunting coastlines to sail; find out what it takes to cruise the Wild Atlantic Way. Learn the secrets of how to prepare, where to stop, and how to thoroughly enjoy this unique cruising ground. Norman Kean, Author Of Cruising Ireland and Irish Cruising Club Sailing Direction writes "It's a charming book, and it conveys a sense of the joy of discovery"

    Authors Daria and Alex Blackwell are lifelong sailors. They sail a Bowman 57 cutter rigged ketch, have crossed the Atlantic three times to date; visited many countries along the way. They have sailed up and down the West  coast of Ireland from Cork to Donegal, and consistently cruise along the west coast islands. The Wild Atlantic Way can be purchased for £27.95 Happy Hooking The Art of Anchoring is in my opinion the definitive book on how to anchor £15.95, or purchase both books at a special price of £39.95! Offer ends September 30th 2015!

  • 69. Top Tips Tuesday - My Midge Misery! - Mosquito Nets For Boats


    Many many years ago when I was just a simple sail maker I would travel the length and breadth of the UK and Eire, even got as far as India, running sail setting clinics and race coaching  sessions for a variety of dinghy classes however I digress. My first really bad experience of midges was when (after spending a day on the water coaching the Flying 15 fleet at the Clyde Cruising Club Loch Lomond) myself, Jenny and our two young daughters attended a barbecue on a small island on the loch on the Saturday night. When we stepped ashore Jenny and I could not understand why all the club members were standing in the barbecue smoke, we soon found out. Yes it’s not a pleasant experience being eaten alive when the breeze dies!

    As we graduated to cruising bigger boats on the West Coast of Scotland and the inland waterways of the Netherlands we did of course experience similar experiences. For personal protection ‘Avon’s Skin So Soft’ is Jenny’s choice of repellent to help keep the critters at bay but for me Malibu aftersun and insect repellent is my secret weapon! For the boat, these days, there is an excellent choice of barriers to help keep flying insects outside the interior, from companion way covers to throw over mosquito nets and screens as well as a dual hatch cover and mosquito nets, however, if we are ‘going out for the night’ we always, after of course covering up any fruit etc, spray the interior with insect repellent before abandoning ship!

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    Mosquito Nets For Boats

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