Epifanes at the Rose & Crown

Hi Rob,

Glad you are on the mend. You have picked the worst possible time to think about a blog on the Rose and Crown as it is closed for winter maintenance, same fortnight as last year. There is not a lot of business around so we have builders in pulling the kitchen around and a new disabled entrance at the rear. However when it is all done it will be in fine form. I will come back to you in a fortnight or so and would gladly join you and Jenny for lunch.

Although the mahogany bar top only got five coats rolled and tipped because that was all we had time for I can truthfully say Epiphanes is nothing short of sensational. After a full year on a busy pub bar it is unmarked and still very impressive and although the bar front has just been repainted the top needs no attention though I had intended to wire wool it and give it another couple of coats, probably will do that next year. I am using Epifanes to coat some of the restaurant tables because the surface is a usable one and currently have a large table top in my garage to do.

Will be in touch.