• Last Wednesday's race

    Those avid followers of our fortunes in the Melges must have been wondering why we there was no blog as to our ‘antics’ in the RNYC Wednesday night race  6th of June. Well it’s a long story & it concerns my daughter’s wedding which was held on the bank holiday Monday. Unfortunately my dear wife managed to trip just before the start of the evening festivities (hasten to add she was stone cold sober) twisted her left ankle on a carpeted step  in the bridal suite & then bounced her right knee cap! Result, no dancing that night, no alcoholic drinks with ice, the only ice in her presence for the rest of the evening being on her knee & ankle! Tuesday morning in casualty she was diagnosed with a broken knee cap & badly twisted ankle, at that point I thought, sailing on a Wednesday night.... no chance. Getting up to walk the dog at five every morning last week has however given me the opportunity to reflect on what still needs doing early season, finish off our  new Raymarine display, get the Lowrance fish finders mounted & wired up, need to display the Musto HPX Ocean boots etc, etc. This Wed night,  can I go sailing? Only time will tell!

  • If you are looking for an entry level Fishfinder you need look no further

    We now have a batch of the best-selling, Eagle Cuda 300. These are refurbished units, fully tested and with a full 12 month warranty. At less than £50, you can't beat it!  The Cuda 300 has a 4" diagonal screen with a 4 level greyscale LCD. The 200 kHz transducer operates to 600 feet. If you are just starting, there's the 6ft Saltwater fishing kit - a rod and reel, tackle and an instruction booklet for only £20.95.

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