• MO's On The Tyne - St. Peters Winter Series supports Storrar Marine Chandlery in aid of Movember

    Mo's On The Tyne

    Where else would you see a bearded lady(s), correction attractive young fillies with MO's? Well, there they were, flashing their facial hair, the crew members on Buddy, Colin Davidson's sports boat and Athol’s MR Big. Not only was competition fierce but the competition to win the prizes on offer for the best Mo's was cut throat and that was before they shave them off!

    Anyway, almost two hundred pounds was raised to add to the Storrar MOrine Chandlery team coffers. Grateful thanks to all those who entered into the spirit of the day and those companies that helped by donating prizes, in no particular order: St Peters Marina, Seago, Orca Bay, Gill, Musto and Gul


    • Best MOteam, by a close shave, were the guys on Mr. Big
    • Best MOsportsboat, by a whisker, the team on Wild Reiver
    • Best MOfemale crew, by a hair's breadth, Anne Ainsworth
    • Best MOmale, by a mature mustache, Bob Baird
    • Best MOrib crew, by a natural look, Nick Thwaites
    • Best MOspectator, by a short hair, Lorraine Thwaites
    • Best MOrace Officer, by the real mccoy Tony Ainsworth

    Next weekend the MOSailing MOstorrar mustachioed mystros movement moves to (RMOYC) at Blyth, MOrthumberland where we hope beyond hope that we can raise even more MOsh,

    PS there will be MOre great prizes on offer from the likes of Spinlock, Dubarry, Marathon, Gul and Harken

    If you're interested in our progress heres a link to out Movember Team Page


  • Garden Tools... Must Have (Close To Hand) Marine Tool Recommendations

    Many, many years ago I raced (not particularly well) against an American international 14 sailor called Larry Bates, his boat was called Garden Tools. One night after a few beers I asked him why he had named his 14 thus, seems he went out one day to buy some garden tools and came back with a boat which he kept at the bottom of the garden. Speaking of tools and in particularly the marine related ones, how many of us carry a decent sharp serrated blade rescue knife in the cockpit? Is there an adequate wire cutter in the cockpit locker that the weakest/lightest member of the crew can use. Marlin spike and shackle key are they to hand and have the new crew members been briefed as to where they are located! Boa-constrictor, invaluable for removing oil and fuel filters, not forgetting the sail makers friend the Speedystitcher.


    Picture 16
  • Just over a week to go!

    image001Yes, it’s just over a week to go till Jenny and I  scurry off down the road to Manchester Airport, hop on a charter plane to Prevesa and hopefully meet up with our skipper and first mate in the arrivals lounge. My leather thong, which has provided sterling service over the years, has been rescued from the dogs basket once again. It should be okay once its it’s been cleaned down with some Dubarry footwear cleaner followed by a light rub over with their Leather cream. I do hope it still fits as my six pack seems to have relaxed and my waist line expanded! This year I mustn’t forget my trusty Musto Sunnies (left them in the spare bedroom under the bed?) , nor my Gill technical wide brimmed hat. As for my new Leatherman multi-tool , the cunning plan this year is to pack in our hold luggage as against leaving it in my fast dry shorts. ‘In the bin’ were the words uttered by airport security and I dropped my faithful friend into the weapons bin. Anything else? Yes, some prezzies for our hosts, the eleventh edition of Rods Greek Waters Pilot ( I had noticed last years that our skippers copy was a ‘little’ out of date) and for the boat, Universal Stone of course. Roll on next Sunday!

  • " All Is Lost " ... If you don't carry the right kit.

    'One to watch' and out this autumn (AFTER you have undertaken your summer cruise) is the film ‘ALL IS LOST’ Robert Redford who is the only actor in the film received a standing ovation at the Cannes 2013 film festival for playing the part of the distressed sailor. Perhaps he would not have been so upset if before setting out, he had logged onto and purchased either the Kannad Safe Link Solo or the very compact Ocean Signal Rescue Me PLB.  A Standard Horizon HX851E waterproof hand held with DSC facility would have also have been a good bit of kit to throw into his grab bag.

    As for the shark circling round his liferaft, our recommendation for what it’s worth would be to grab your Gill Marine Rescue knife and if you cannot gouge their eyes out at least you won’t puncture the raft attempting to do so as it features a blunt tip!

    If you haven't already, we stock a couple useful books that will teach you what you need to know about Sea Survival and the essentials to pack in your Grab Bag but make sure you read them before (god forbid) you're stepping up into your life-raft.

    Incidentally this rugged survival at sea story was mainly shot in the BAJA studios in Mexico (its where they filmed the 1997 version of Titanic) The film is released in America this Autumn and critics are saying that is better than the Perfect Storm.

  • 16. Top Tips Tuesdays - Keep Your Tootsies Dry With Waterproof Breathable Socks!

    Sealskinz Socks The perfect way to keep your feet warm and dry when the weather is to warm for sailing boots

    This last few weeks with the higher temperatures we have been experiencing it doesn't seem right to wear a pair of breathable Dubarry or Musto boots, especially if you are wearing shorts, it's not a fashion statement! As a leader in satirical elegance my Wednesday night sailing kit for the last few weeks has included Musto fast drying 'Performance' shorts and a pair of  light weight Deck Grip Profile trainers (that have an excellent 'Sticky Rubber' sole) by Henri Lloyd, worn over a pair of Sealskinz breathable but waterproof socks. If some water does come over the deck my tootsies stay dry! Incidentally if your budget does not extend to a pair of Dubs, Gill or other make of breathable boots a pair of Sealskinz socks worn with conventional rubber boots will help wick away perspiration and keep your feet warm and dry.

  • Reflections...

    hatsAt last a bit of sun whilst out on the water (well at least it was in the North East) and with the sun comes the danger of sunburn from the glare. Apart from using a waterproof sun cream or sun block its worth investing in some head protection, something like the Gill, Dubarry or the Musto fast dry crew cap, all have a cap saver which is a clip that attaches to your collar to stop it blowing away. For the traditionalists the Musto fast dry brimmed hat or the Gill technical sailing Sun Hat is worth considering, the Musto having a chin strap to avoid it disappearing over the stern of the boat. The Gill, well it’s a dangly ‘thing’ that you clip onto the collar! Not only will they help to protect your face if you are like me or Andy, bit thin on top, protect that as well!

    Decent sunglasses are a must, Gill do an excellent range, Musto have for years marketed their  Sunnies, sadly they are dropping them from their range , however the good news is we still have a few pairs left!

  • Yesterdays race! Who has right of way?...


    Andy Burgess, my co director in Storrar Marine had his copy of the new 2013-2016 rules in the patch pocket of his Gill salopettes when this incident occurred yesterday! Look closely at his sportsboat with the 'perfectly filling white spinnaker' and you will see Andy forward of the mast. Despite wearing his incredibly grippy Musto boots he is clinging on for dear life whilst feverishly trying to extract his copy from his salopettes. Why? Because, both boats are on port! In stock at our emporium are a number of Rule books including Paul Elvestrom Explains at £19-99, Rules in Practise by Brian Willis at £16-99, The Rules Book 2013 by Twiname and a couple of RYA books on the subject, for those 'geeks' who would rather have it on the Laptop the RulesMaster Racing at £29-95 is the disc to go for!

  • When the going gets tough...

      When the going gets tough, the tough get going!  Derwent Reservoir approached us the other week, they were in the market for a quantity of drysuits, warm boots and gloves, they were of course looking for good value for money but considering the treatment they would get (safety boot crew kit ) it had to be very hard wearing!  Local drysuit manufacturer Typhoon from Redcar, who have a superb reputation for producing specialist drysuits for the Police, RNLI , Armed Forces etc offer a three year warranty on their recreational drysuits, job done. Crewsaver design and manufacture a wide range of safety and recreational equipment they were used to source for  the Basalt boots. Gill ‘Three Seasons glove’ were supplied to protect the hands against abrasion and will help ward off the cold!

  • Georgie Scoops The Chocolates...

    Georgie Booth, the sponsored sailor came away from the Laser Radial weekend held at Carsington reservoir,  a happy girl. She finished 2nd out of the 56 entrants and 1st girl! We hope the prize was chocolates and that they went down well! Georgia was of course wearing her Crewsaver kit including her  Kite buoyancy aid, Igneous boots, Effect spray top, Winter Neo gloves and long john which she firmly believe gives her that competitive edge, cos she can concentrate on the race and not on trying to stay warm! Her laser cover which we manufactured in our sailloft was built from Weathermax a material which we have been working with for almost two years, has excellent breathability, UV protection, lightness and its tough!

  • 150 Years of RNLI

    On Tuesday night Jenny and I had the privilege of attending a service at Christ Church North Shields night to celebrate 150 years of being an RNLI lifeboat station. The Reverend Tim Duff (keen sailor himself) who is the chaplain to the crew told us a lovely tale about an RNLI rescue on Breydon Water on the Norfolk Broads, I hasten to add not involving him!  Spotted a fair number of the congregation wearing well know brands such as Gill, Musto and Henri Lloyd as well as some of the RNLI crew who were wearing there RNLI Musto fleeces. Click Here to view images of the Service

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