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  • The Railway Man... Stanchions, Stanchion bases, Rigging Screws & Shackles


    Jenny and yours truly were a couple of disappointed film buffs after viewing ‘All is Lost’ at our local flea pit the other week. Avid readers of the blog posted on the subject will no doubt read of my displeasure at the lack of technical accuracy in the film. However not being an anorak I therefore looked forward to watching ‘The Railway Man’ starring Colin Firth & Nicola Kidman. Fast forward and I can report that we both ‘enjoyed’ the film. If that is the word to use cos at times a little bit harrowing! Some great acting and then to my amusement (as the film was set in the 80’s)  the camera pans across Royal Border bridge that carries the railway across the River Tweed and guess what, on view (admittedly from a distance and only picked up by a sad person like me), the stainless steel stanchions, bases and rigging screws which we supplied in 2007!

    This week we're off to see Gravity on the recommendation of Clare, the young lady who posts my blogs on our site, surely there will be nothing to whine about this time as folks I am not a trekkie!

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