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Adding fittings to the deck or coachroof

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When attaching a fitting to the glass fibre deck of a boat using a self tapper, I always drill the appropriate hole and countersink the surface. By adopting this procedure it will stop the gelcoat surface from breaking away. Don’t, however, forget a dab of sealant into the chamfer. When bolting through, I would adopt exactly the same procedure; drill the correct dia hole, countersink and then, to give a 100% watertight seal, apply sealant to the chamfer and the base of the fitting before bolting it down. Leave it hand tight for a day for the sealant to bed in, then you can fully tighten without squeezing all the sealant out.

For wood, yes countersink, then to stop moisture penetration into the wood seal the hole with epoxy and, when dry, apply sealant.

DeckFittingIf attaching a fitting to a cored deck you will need to drill an oversized hole, fill it with epoxy and when set follow steps 1 to 4 as above.