• 169. Top Tips Tuesday - Ten Top Tips To Prevent A Man Overboard


    Schools have broken up and your summer cruise is looming. However, have you worked out the 10 best ways to prevent man overboard? Consider this quote from the Essentials of Sea Survival, F Golden & M. Tipton 2002 'There are no circumstances when you are better off in the water than out of it'. Food for thought, certainly made me think when I first switched from dinghies to bigger boats.

    My thanks must go to the guys at Spinlock for allowing me to reproduce their thoughts on preventing a man overboard however I must confess that I have ‘strayed’ from point no 4 out in Greece when sailing or motoring in predominately light winds around the Greek Isles. Instead of wearing our trusty Spinlock 5D Deckvest Lifejacket & Harness Jenny and your scribe have opted instead for a couple of Spinlock Deck Pro Harness. Lightweight and easy to wear when the going gets hot. The only complaint that Jen has? Her suntan is not that even!

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  • RNLI Sea Safety Roadshow and Lifejacket Clinic

    The RNLI held a lifejacket clinic at Royal Quays Marina last weekend. The results: Very worrying! The RNLI campaign "Useless unless worn" might as well be 'Useless when worn!' Of 95 life jackets inspected

    • Only 8 had no faults!
    • 3 had empty/discharged cylinders
    • 1 had its cylinder missing
    • 18 had corroded cylinders
    • 15 had loose cylinders
    • 60 had out of date firing heads
    • 3 were subject to a manufacturers recall
    • 50 did not have crotch straps
    • 85 did not have a light
    • 84 did not have a sprayhood
    • And a number of manual only jackets were thought by their owners to be automatic....

    It seems we pay lip service to caring for essential safety gear. If you missed this opportunity to have your life jackets checked over, the RNLI lads will be back on site over the Jubilee Weekend 1st to 4th June.

  • Air travel with lifejackets

    Congratulations to Luke Stimson are in order. Luke is refitting a boat in Japan with a view to sailing it to UK. Home for Christmas, he purchased 8 Commodore auto harness lifejackets from us along with some other bits and pieces and took them to Manchester Airport to board his flight back to Japan. Armed with our Lifejacket Information for Air Travel guide he was able after firm persuasion and a bit of education for the airport security staff to get them to accept his luggage including the lifejackets. Yes, you can take your lifejacket on an aircraft! If you need to fly with lifejackets containing CO2 bottles, call us for a copy of our Air Travel guide.


    At the beginning of this year, Spinlock redesigned the inflatable component of the Deckvest, to eliminate potential defects and increase its long term durability. As a result, the warranty on each new Deckvest registered has been increased from 2 years to 5 years. • Spinlock are concerned that some earlier Deckvests may have a defect that could put an owner at risk. To remove this possibility they have announced their commitment to recall all previous ISO certified Deckvests and update the component to the 2010 standard. • Important Action Required: If you own an ISO Deckvest (with inspection window) you are strongly advised to enter its serial number at Precise instructions will be given if action needs to be taken. • Every Deckvest that qualifies for the update will be processed by the designated Deckvest Service Centre, promptly and completely free of charge. It will be returned to the owner, updated to the latest 2010 standard, with an extended 5 year warranty. • Deckvest owners are asked to apply for this update without delay and not later than 1st April 2011 • See for full information.

  • What's your view on making the wearing of lifejackets compulsory?

    The enquiry into the death of Filipino fisherman William Antonio, who got tangled in the nets and was dragged overboard from the Scottish fishing boat Osprey III last year, has concluded it would be a good idea. The Procurator Fiscal Alasdair Fay said the use of lifejackets should be compulsory while working on deck, comparing their use to car seatbelts or crash helmets. Lewis McDonald representing the owners of Osprey III could not fully support this view saying it would be impossible to police something out of sight. The skipper of the Osprey III Ronald Milne however has made wearing lifejackets mandatory when shooting or hauling nets. The RNLI campaign 'useless unless worn' gives their position on the subject. What's yours? I have spent so much time sailing single handed, I'm biased against wearing them. If you fall off and the boat disappears over the horizon a lifejacket probably is not going to help unless you are carrying a PLB. However I have no objection if sailing with a crew, and even been seen hooking up my safety line when the wind is over 20 knots. The Sheriff of Banff will decide in a few weeks. Perhaps lifejackets will become compulsory in Scottish waters and the rest of us will catch up eventually.

  • Useless unless worn - the RNLI lifejacket campaign.

    If you are in the drink and your lifejacket is in the locker, then things are going to be bleak to say the least. Of all the bodies that the RNLI have pulled from the water, precious few are wearing lifejackets, those that are have died from secondary causes, and certainly all casualties would have had their survival prolonged to allow the search part of SAR to take place. The RNLI feels it is risky to specify conditions where it is appropriate or not to wear a lifejacket, as it is better to err on the side of caution, knowing that inevitably somebody will drown because they felt they had not been told that they should wear a lifejacket. Useless unless worn! Find out more here

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